How Has iCorps Technologies Helped the Financial Services Industry?

The financial services sector experiences more cyberattacks than any other industry. With ransomware growing at a yearly rate of 350%, isn't it time to address these threats?
For more than 25+ years, iCorps has provided award-winning IT solutions for the financial services industry.

[James Kennedy - Thomson Horstmann & Bryant, Inc.] The level of support from iCorps and the reps that work with THB has really gone above my expectations. They're available really 24/7. They're available for me, whenever I have a question, whenever I need to brainstorm, whenever I need to think strategically about what we need to do with our firm. And they're very dependable.

[Brian Gibson - Coho Partners, LTD] I feel like iCorps has our back, and there's not much that concerns me. If there's just a meltdown of our core infrastructure. I feel like the backups are in place. In the event of a disaster, we'll be able to access our remote desktops.

[Scott Parkis - Greenbriar Equity Group] As a small shop, we're limited on resources. And one of the biggest advantages is to be able to leverage a larger IT firm like iCorps. Being able to know that they're watching our services 24/7 allows me to sleep better at night.

[Brian Gibson - Coho Partners, LTD] A few things that they've helped with - implemented email encryption, two-factor authentication. Microsoft's Enterprise Mobility + Security (EMS), which secures cellphones. I mean, we're proponents of bring your own device. We want employees to have that flexibility. We want them to be able to work remotely, but we want to make sure that our data is secure.

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[Scott Parkis - Greenbriar Equity Group] As director of IT at Greenbriar Equity, my job primarily is to make sure that we function as securely and stable as possible, and iCorps helps us do that.

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