Common IT Challenges for Businesses

IT Insight Challenges

A thorough understanding of your IT is fundamental to moving forward. Our assessment sets an actionable plan and provides the support your business needs. 


Integration Challenges

Your network is the backbone of your technology infrastructure - that's why the IT integration consultants at iCorps can help you get it right the first time.


Business IT Alignment

There's no shortage of technology solutions – but sorting out the advantages, downsides, and costs associated with each can be a challenge. Our technicians can help.


Performance Challenges

iCorps’ technology assessment and technical consulting services help you meet – head-on – the challenges that impact IT performance and functionality.


Risk Management

Whether you’re focused on business risk, regulatory risk, or both, our assessment can help you develop an appropriate mitigation strategy and ensure compliance.


Strategic IT Staffing

Staff augmentation provides an effective alternative to internal IT. This eliminates costly recruiting efforts and offers flexibility to supplement resource needs on-demand.


Strategic IT Staffing

IT Governance and Compliance

We can provide anything from C-level strategic technology advice to technical resources for compliance, security, or deployment.

Seamless Integration

Our services can be deployed with internal staff or independently. We’ll integrate seamlessly into your business, move your project forward, and step back once our job is done.

Strategic IT Staff Augmentation

iCorps Staff Augmentation and Consulting Services help you balance your IT resources with the challenging workload demands imposed by a changing marketplace. Our team of highly skilled IT professionals extends your own staff to keep your technology moving forward.

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Understanding Strategic IT Staff Augmentation


Choosing and investing in the right IT is vital to the support and success of your business. Equally important are members of the team who support these assets. iCorps' Staff Augmentation allows you to keep your internal staffing affordable, supplementing with additional IT resources or specific expertise when needed. We provide coverage-on-demand with two types of staff augmentation:

  • Coverage for vacations, short-term absences, or augmenting IT staff resources for seasonal or temporary situations.
  • Expertise for large, sustained, or specialized projects that require a specific skill set or certified knowledge on a technology or product stack.

You can avoid the pitfalls of overstaffing with iCorps staff augmentation, a flexible solution that addresses your fluctuating IT resource requirements. Staff augmentation can provide support if:

  1. Internal turnover has caused resource shortages
  2. Your business needs coverage during extended absences or vacations
  3. You have a large project, but don't have the internal capacity to complete it
  4. You want to supplement your staff for greater flexibility and cost containment
  5. You want temporary help from someone with expertise in a specific technology
  6. Your business is cyclical, and you are looking to outsource during the busy season
Network Integration Challenges

Network Design & Deployment

iCorps five-step methodology uses industry standards, best practices, and reputable products to provide network integration solutions that support your business.

Hardware & Software Procurement

iCorps designs networks with the reliability, flexibility, and security in place to support your business, its growth, and its changing needs.

Network Integration Services

Your network is the backbone of your technology infrastructure. The reliability of your network impacts mission-critical processes, the effective growth of your technology, and the scalability of your business as a whole. 

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Common IT Network Integration Challenges


How reliably your network supports mission-critical processes, and how effectively it scales, are critical to success. But building, combining, and upgrading networks properly has never been more complex. The combination of on-premise and cloud solutions, multi-site facilities, VoIP, high availability (HA) requirements, mobile devices, and remote users present plenty of challenges. Understanding your existing network architecture, computing environment, and anticipated needs are critical for building a customized network. That’s why we begin all of our projects with an assessment and provide actionable recommendations for moving forward. These may include:

When the design is finalized, iCorps’ technical experts can plan, procure, deploy, manage, test, and document your new network.

If you’re reconfiguring, replacing, or moving your network, iCorps is the IT company for you. We provide all aspects of network integration services including:

Business IT Assessments

Cloud Migration & Microsoft 365 Assessments

iCorps' Cloud Readiness Assessment is the first step to determining whether your business is viable for a cloud platform such as Microsoft Azure.

360° Technology & Security Assessments

Our in-depth assessments are the first step in ensuring that your technology decisions will support and foster your business goals, while maintaining a secure and compliant infrastructure.

Custom Business IT Assessments

Before integrating a new technical resource, or making the move to the cloud, you need a clear understanding of your current IT operations and processes. iCorps offers four types of business assessments, catering to your unique needs.

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Identify IT Infrastructure Challenges with a Custom Assessment


Many business leaders don’t have the time to maintain a comprehensive understanding of the applications, infrastructure, and inter-dependencies that exist within their technology environments. Internal IT leaders, too, lack bandwidth, often spending entire days reacting to routine support needs rather than critical business initiatives. As a result, their infrastructure “grows” without a plan, resulting in inefficient systems that may not support business needs. Our assessment process provides the insight you need to develop, implement, and maintain a technology infrastructure that is customized for your organization. How can your business benefit from improved: