iCorps Managed Services

iCorps Managed Services

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  • Managed IT Support

    Your business relies on how effectively your technology performs and supports your daily operations. The iCorps Encompass program is a proactive, predictable spend IT support services model that is ideal for small and mid-sized businesses. Encompass offers an effective blend of onsite and remote services:

    24x7 Monitoring
    Unlimited Help Desk
    Account Management
    IT Leadership and Advisory Services
    Onsite Scheduled Maintenance Visits


    Fully Outsourced Support Managed IT Support
  • Cloud Computing

    Whether your company was born in the cloud, or you're trying to better leverage your cloud technology, iCorps' Encompass Edge can ensure you're receiving the support you need and optimizing your cloud investment to grow your business. Our team will assess your business' IT environment and goals to develop a custom strategy to modernize and maintain your cloud technology.


    Cloud Computing Cloud Computing
  • Virtual CIO On-Demand

    At iCorps, we recognize the challenges businesses face in affording a full-time CIO. That's why we offer our Virtual CIO On-Demand program, designed to provide enterprise-level infrastructure consulting at a fraction of the cost. Our vCIO On-Demand service delivers the necessary flexibility for adapting to technological shifts, workflow modifications, and staffing dynamics. From strategic planning and technology assessments to vendor management and IT optimization, our vCIOs offer expert guidance and support tailored to your business needs.


    vCIO On-Demand
  • Digital Transformation

    Those who have begun their digital business transformation journey are already benefiting from a more competitive, agile, collaborative, scalable and secure working environment. Common benefits include:

    Modern Collaboration
    Simplified IT Processes
    Secured Business Data
    Better Network Insights
    Productivity as a Priority


    Digital Transformation Digital Transformation
  • Staff Augmentation

    Scalability is essential to your business' IT - but today's tech landscape demands more attention from your IT leaders. That's why iCorps’ staff augmentation allows you to scale your IT workforce on demand. iCorps staff augmentation prioritizes expertise for large, sustained, or specialized projects, and coverage for vacations, short-term absences, or seasonal demand.


    Staffing Solutions Staff Augmentation
  • Technical Consulting

    Technology drives your business' internal processes and customer-facing practices. Through consistent communication, documentation, and status updates, our consultants will help you meet your IT goals on time, on budget, and on scope. Our technical consultants have a range of competencies including data storage, backup and disaster recovery, mobile and endpoint solutions, office relocations and build-ons, and cloud services.


    Technical Consulting Technical Consulting
  • IT Governance

    IT governance refers to a set of IT practices that align with your business strategies to ensure compliance and security in your respective industry. Businesses today struggle more and more with the IT compliance demands required of them - at a time when regulatory divergence is increasing. Our compliance experts can help determine which model is best for your business.


    IT Governance IT Governance
Microsoft Security Score

Vulnerability Analysis

Identify areas for improvement across devices, applications, and platforms.

Best-Fit Solutions

Improve the security of your IT with custom recommendations.

Free Microsoft Security Score

Improve the security of your IT infrastructure, with a free Microsoft Security Score. As a Microsoft Gold Partner, iCorps can provide this Security Score - allowing our consultants to assess your security posture and offer custom recommendations.

Find Out Your Security Score  →

Are Managed Services Right for Your Business?

Managed Service Providers (MSPs) offer businesses comprehensive IT services on a subscription basis, catering particularly to small to medium-sized businesses that lack in-house IT capabilities. These services range from network monitoring and data backup to software updates, effectively acting as an external IT department. The MSP model allows businesses to focus on their core operations without the burden of managing their IT infrastructure. 

iCorps offers a wide range of US-based managed IT support, from cloud deployments, data center migrations, collaboration tools, endpoint and network security, to governance and compliance, complete with cybersecurity best practices baked into every solution. These solutions address various IT needs and ensure infrastructure efficiency. Our comprehensive solutions empower your team to concentrate on core business functions with the assurance of secure and efficient IT operations to help your business succeed. 

Small and medium-sized businesses, as well as enterprise clients, can benefit greatly by outsourcing their IT operations. Here are five of the most common advantages:

  1. Strategic Focus: Does your IT department spend most of their time fixing issues? Are essential initiatives being put aside due to lack of time? By outsourcing routine IT tasks, companies can free up their IT staff to focus on business-critical objectives.
  2. Staff Augmentation: With staff augmentation, businesses can adjust to internal staffing changes, seasonal demand, and strategic growth. Technical consultants can be deployed as needed, either in-office or remotely.
  3. Optimized IT Spend: Without a clear understanding of their IT infrastructure, it's easy for businesses to overspend on unnecessary services while neglecting critical ones. Working with a Managed Service Provider (MSP) can help companies invest strategically in their IT infrastructure.
  4. Industry Best Practices: Having immediate access to IT experts is highly valuable. A technical consulting firm provides businesses with expert best practices and cross-functional industry knowledge.
  5. IT Governance: An MSP that is aware of rapidly changing regulatory landscapes can be invaluable, even if the regulations don't directly impact the business. From GDPR to CCPA, an MSP should have the expertise to understand how these regulations impact the IT infrastructure of their clients.

Are you concerned that your current managed service provider (MSP) may be struggling to keep up with your business's needs? If so, it's important to be proactive and identify the signs that it's time to look for a new MSP. Here are six red flags to watch out for:

  1. Mobile security is not a part of your IT plan.
  2. Your firewall is not being properly managed.
  3. Shadow IT applications are being used without accountability.
  4. Your employees are not being trained on cyber threats.
  5. Your operating systems have not been upgraded recently.
  6. Your business does not have a continuity and disaster recovery plan.

Don't let these issues harm your business or reduce employee productivity. By recognizing these warning signs, you can take action and find a new MSP that can provide the level of support your business needs