GreenBriar Equity Group Partners with iCorps Technologies for IT Services


[Scott Parkis - GreenBriar Equity Group] Greenbriar Equity Group is a private equity firm with a focus on transportation. It's been around since 2001. And we've been with iCorps for over 10 years.

As a small shop, we're limited on resources. And one of the biggest advantages is to be able to leverage a larger IT firm like iCorps. Being able to know that they're watching our services 24/7 allows me to sleep better at night.

One of my favorite services that we use at iCorps is their 24/7 monitoring of our critical servers and hardware. At 3:00 AM, when I'm sleeping, I know that if something goes on, somebody at iCorps is going to be taking a look at it. And if need be, they'll contact me. But I can sleep better at night knowing that they're watching over our infrastructure.

iCorps supplements our internal IT by changing a staff, a small staff into a larger one. One of the biggest advantages that iCorps has that we have as a customer of iCorps is leveraging the resources they have internally. So our staff now is much bigger as a partner of iCorps.

We will leverage them from anything from desktop rollouts to securing — to making modifications on firewalls, securing some perimeter devices, helping us to rewiring the server room.

As director of IT at Greenbriar Equity, my job primarily is to make sure that we function as securely and stable as possible. And iCorps helps us do that.


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