Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365

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  • Teams

    Obtain a more intuitive collaborative experience with your Microsoft 365 subscription with Teams.


    Microsoft Teams
  • Azure

    Azure is Microsoft's flexible platform that provides the building blocks to quickly deploy and manage cloud-based solutions.


    Microsoft Azure
  • SharePoint

    iCorps offers end-to-end design, implementation, project management, and development services for SharePoint.


    Microsoft SharePoint
  • PowerBI

    PowerBI incorporates data preparation, discovery, interactive dashboards, and augmented analytics into a single, intuitive channel. 


    Microsoft PowerBI
  • Exchange

    Exchange is a rich end-user experience with unified communications including email, voice mail, and instant messaging, calendaring, and task management.


    Microsoft Exchange
  • Active Directory

    Active Directory provides the foundation for access, security, and network management, and is an integral part of any IT strategy.


    Microsoft Active Directory
  • Enterprise Mobility + Security

    Microsoft EMS combines Azure AD, Rights Management, InTune, and Advanced Threat Analytics for comprehensive security across devices, applications, and data.


    Enterprise Mobility + Security
  • Windows 10

    Windows 10 Enterprise is the OS built for the demands of modern businesses, expertly designed to improve productivity, connectivity, and security throughout every level of an organization.


    Windows 10
Microsoft Security Score

Vulnerability Analysis

Identify areas for improvement across devices, applications, and platforms.

Best-Fit Solutions

Improve the security of your IT with custom recommendations.

Free Microsoft Security Score

Improve the security of your IT infrastructure, with a free Microsoft Security Score. As a Microsoft Gold Partner, iCorps can provide this Security Score - allowing our consultants to assess your security posture and offer custom recommendations.

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Microsoft 365 FAQs

As of April 21st, 2020, Microsoft 365 will encompass Office 365 applications, cloud services, device management, and advanced security for a safer, more intelligent workplace experience. Going forward, Office 365 will be known as Microsoft 365. There will be no change to the price of the subscription service, but Office 365 users will now benefit from formerly unavailable, or limited, features. By integrating with Microsoft 365, Office 365 users access their favorite applications with additional automatic updates, cloud storage, integrated email and calendaring, mobile apps, and collaborative chat and calling via Teams. 

Microsoft 365 SMB and Enterprise Plans


Keep track of all your moving parts, with M365. The platform syncs email, calendar, and contact information across devices. Enterprise archiving and eDiscovery make it easy to track down digital assets, while SharePoint and Teams support custom intranet sites for your employees. Enjoy a streamlined authoring experience - as real time updates let you and coworkers work on the same content with version control. Microsoft is also rolling out new personal and professional accounts in Teams, allowing you to manage different sets of priorities.

M365 makes it easier to leverage your company's big data. PowerApps allows your organization to deploy custom applications with the help of pre-built templates, programmed AI components, and integrations between proprietary and on-premise systems. Power Automate lets employees create automatic workflows for redundant tasks, freeing employees to engage in other tasks. For retail or service employees, Bookings is an intuitive appointment experience, with customer notifications, confirmations, and reminders.

M365 provides a vendor-agnostic working experience. Applications are available via Windows, macOS, iOS, and Google's Android OS, with support on iPhones, iPads, Android devices, and Microsoft Products. M365 now integrates with Adobe Creative Cloud, providing users an extended collection of royalty-free content including templates, stock photos, icons, fonts, etc. Other new application integrations include Headspace, Blinkist, Experian, Plaid, and more. 

[DIAGRAM] Microsoft 365 Application Suite by Business Plan

M365 brings newfound application security to your workplace. Integrations with Windows 10 enforce malware protection, and shield key system folders from corrupting ransomware. Malware threats are stopped at the perimeter with email analysis, link and document scans, and ongoing monitoring services. M365 also makes it easier to bring your security tools together in a layered, easily managed way. Enable BYOD scenarios with Azure Information Protection, modernize policies with Azure AD and InTune, and maintain regulatory standards with Compliance Manager. 

Flexible device policies support a workforce on the move. Enable employee access by device, application, time of day, or location. You can set controls for the use of data, with restrictions such as "Do Not Copy", "Do Not Forward", and remote wipe - while ensuring it never leaves approved Office 365 apps. Set policies to encrypt data on mobile devices, and require PINs or fingerprints for additional authentication on iOS and Android devices. If you've deployed Windows 10, you can easily manage the OS in M365, setting automatic updates, encryption, and control policies.

M365 helps you follow industry best practices for the treatment of sensitive data. You can use auto-detection to prevent PII, such as social security numbers and credit cards, from leaking. Email encryption provides secure communication within and outside your organization. Cloud-archiving provides long term retention for business correspondence.