Thomson Horstmann & Bryant Looks to iCorps for IT Services and Expertise


[James Kennedy - Thomson Horstmann & Bryant] The biggest problem we faced before iCorps was finding the right staffing need — the right resource. We tried staffing it internally and had trouble finding the right level of subject matter expertise. With the technology landscape changing as rapidly as it does, it was hard to find the right resource that could work within our framework and grow with the firm. We found iCorps through mutual friends and mutual colleagues. We're able to be in a strategic partnership where we  outsource our technology needs to a firm like iCorps that has its subject matter expertise in-house, and has a deep bench. And it's their business to stay on top of the changing technology landscape. So it's been a good partnership.

The migration to Office 365 was seamless. I had some trepidation going into the migration about moving email providers. Our business is so dependent on email that it has to work. I had two goals in mind when we talked with iCorps about migrating to Office 365. I wanted to go to more of a cloud-based system. And I wanted to be able to have my employees remote into their email from anywhere on the road. We were able to accomplish both of those goals, and it was done in a seamless manner. So, I couldn't be happier with the results.

We moved office locations, and I was blown away by the level of service that iCorps provided. They were here 24/7. We did the move on a Friday, and I told them we had to be fully functioning for business Monday morning. They stayed until about midnight Saturday night and through the evening Sunday to make sure that we were fully functioning and ready to go on Monday morning. It was a lifesaver.

And the second example I could think of is more recent is with some of the cybersecurity threats that have emerged. They've helped me put a policy together, test that policy, and get a certain level of confidence that we're prepared for any cybersecurity threats.

The level of support from iCorps and the reps that work with THB has really gone above my expectations. They're available really 24/7. They're available for me whenever I have a question, whenever I need to brainstorm, whenever I need to think strategically about what we need to do with our firm, and they're very dependable. So when they're contracted to be here, they're always here. And we follow our basic weekly maintenance. And they're also available to think big picture. So it's been a great marriage. And they've gone above and beyond what I've expected.


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