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Anti-virus Solutions

Our consultants have the technical expertise to install and manage the appropriate anti-virus protection across all endpoints.


Managed Security

iCorps' managed network security services deliver worry-free network security, ensuring protection against today's threats. 


Data Backup and DR

Our Guardian program delivers enterprise-level data backup and disaster recovery to protect your business data.


Vulnerability Monitoring

iCorps’ Vulnerability Monitoring and Reporting managed service analyzes data daily on issues putting you at risk.


Email Encryption

iCorps' email encryption protects the integrity of your email content, preventing data leaks and unauthorized use.


Network Monitoring

Our network monitoring solutions monitor, measure and manage your business's server performance around the clock.


Spam Filtering

iCorps' SPAM filtering is a best-of-breed cloud solution that keeps out unwanted emails and delivers only legitimate email.


2-factor Authentication

Our two-factor authentication solution gives you the protection needed to comply with demanding regulations.


Managed Wireless

The enterprise-level managed wireless service delivers a trouble-free, robust and secure solution for your network. 

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Fits your business

iCorps is technology diagnostic, meaning that you can rest assured that you are getting a solution that is selected to fit your individual business needs and goals, not on a sales quota.


No hidden costs

iCorps’ managed IT services are priced as a subscription, with an initial provisioning fee followed by a set monthly rate. You know exactly what services you’re getting for your money. 

Watch the video to hear how our approach sets us apart from other IT providers.

Trusted Managed Services Provider (MSP)

Clients across the Northeast feel at ease with iCorps taking care of their IT Managed Services.

Today, the only time I ever deal with IT issues is when iCorps comes in for its regular hardware review, because everything just runs the way it should. All of the constant failures, things getting hung up, that just doesn’t happen anymore.
IT services client testimonial

Ken Brooks

Project Controller

Delphi Construction

Waltham, MA

The Fertility Center’s phones went down last week and an iCorps engineer worked with the phone company to get the issue resolved. His diligence and persistence (not to mention the amount of time) were phenomenal to get this issue resolved on a Friday!
IT Testimonial

Ann Therrien

Director of Patient Services

Fertility Center of New England

Boston, MA

Our iCorps consultants are working hard to ensure that we get to a healthy place within our network and are available as much as possible when issues arise. I can also say that speaking with the help desk has been very helpful...they take time to hear what the issue is and address it as quickly as possible.
IT Services Testimonial iCorps

Catherine Tyger

Marketing Coordinator

Vulcan Spring & Manufacturing

Telford, PA

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