iCorps Handles IT So Summit Healthcare Can Focus on Their Core Business


[Tara Marchi - Summit Healthcare] When I joined Summit Healthcare seven years ago, we were a company of 25. We've now grown to 50 with projected of another 25% in growth. So we really needed to outsource our IT needs. And it's been a great partnership with iCorps to date.

At that time, seven years ago, our IT team really needed to focus on priority projects and service our clients. So being able to get into a relationship with iCorps has really allowed our staff to be able to accomplish that — do what they do best, and allow iCorps to do what they do best.

So as an Encompass client of iCorps, they really handle everything that we need in terms of IT. From our security to our infrastructure, to our day-to-day IT needs, we really just can count on them for everything.

So Summit Healthcare, as I mentioned, is a company of 50. So we certainly have a variety of IT needs that come up. Anytime we've called the iCorps support team, they have been extremely responsive — answer us immediately, get on the computer with us and do a GoToMeeting. It's been so helpful to answer those IT needs.

So in our day-to-day, we work with client-sensitive information. And we found during our assessment that we had a weakness in our security. iCorps presented us with a strategy to address that. And that was through PC encryption and password security tools. We really do feel we now have peace of mind to address this.

So Summit Healthcare was referred to iCorps through a mutual vendor partner. And we've just been very pleased with the relationship. I think from the start to the current; the account management team has been excellent to work with. The IT support staff have been great. We've had onsite representatives helping us work through the infrastructure and the needs here within our office.

Just from, again, start to finish the whole team has been excellent to work with — really just great, great individuals.

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