iCorps Helps Corcoran Jennison Move to the Cloud & Focus on Business 

[Paul Mahoney - Corcoran Jennison]
I think the biggest obstacle we would have if we didn't have iCorps would be keeping up with technology. On our monthly meetings, they come and they tell us what we should be moving towards, such as getting our servers into the Cloud — things that we may miss if we didn't have people that had other clients and that kept up with technology.

This morning I got to work, and they give us a daily report on the status of our networks. And immediately, getting to work even before our complex in Maryland opened up, they were all over us not — Comcast was down in that area. They were aware of it. They let us know which allowed us to get in touch with our employees, so there wasn't a panic when they got to the office.

That story in itself isn't a huge issue, but those are the types of things that iCorps does for us on a regular basis. They keep us informed about the status of our technology. Fortunately, we have had no major upsets that they've had to take care of, and I believe that's because they do a lot of preventive maintenance on our technology.

They're helping us clean up the files with SharePoint. We have data that goes back to 1999, and our files are getting cluttered, and they're slow-moving, and we're very afraid of deleting files. So they're helping us move them to alternative storage in the cloud, making us feel good about that whole process.

iCorps is towards the end of the project of transitioning all of our employees' desktops and laptops to Office 365. I keep going back to that Skype feature that we weren't using, that we now know how to use and we are using, and it's just been — it's really facilitated our meetings with our out-of-state properties and personalizes them.

I have several areas that I need to focus on in my position, and IT is one of them. iCorps has really taken the pressure off of me having any concerns whatsoever with our technology, our hardware, and our development of keeping pace with technology. It's really allowed me to focus on the big-ticket items that I have, such as risk management, human resources. And it would be very hard for me to manage an area that I don't have a lot of expertise in, so I depend on iCorps heavily, and they have delivered. They have delivered, and it's really a pleasure working with them.


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