Two-Factor Authentication Solutions for Businesses

Not having the right protection can be costly to your systems and your bottom line, which is why there is growing pressure to implement robust two-factor authentication solutions. While most businesses employ some security level to protect their systems and information, there are increasing compliance regulations that require best-of-breed security solutions. iCorps industry-leading two-factor authentication solutions provide worry-free protection offers a range of compatibility and self-service options, seamless integration, and client-side and server-based functionality. These solutions will provide authentication across your network, Web, and applications-based IT resources: 

  • PC-based applications
  • On-demand (phone-based text messaging and email)
  • Hardware authenticators (key fobs)
  • Software authenticators (an application on the existing user device, including mobile devices)

Whether you are a smaller business or enterprise organization, our industry-leading two-factor authentication solutions provide worry-free protection that complies with demanding industry and government regulations.

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