Mobile Security Solutions for Your In-Office and Remote Workforce

If your employees are using personal and mobile devices, they're creating vulnerabilities in your network. Ensure you have the right tools to protect information at the device, application, and data levels:

VPN Solutions

With a wide variety of VPN products and types available – including SSL, site-to-site, remote, high availability, and bonded – iCorps can design and implement the VPN solution that meets your remote access needs.


Managed Wi-Fi

iCorps delivers worry-free wireless solutions for your network. We provide the expertise, installation, configuration, and patch management for a secure network - 24x7.


Two-Factor Authentication

Some two-factor authentication solutions offer user convenience, but can open new paths for unauthorized access and fraud. iCorps can ensure your solution meets strict compliance regulations.


Windows 10

Windows 10 Enterprise is the OS built for the demands of modern businesses, expertly designed to improve productivity, connectivity, and security throughout every level of an organization.


Secure Remote Desktop

Access your applications anytime, from any device, without compromising the security of your business data. iCorps’ Secure Remote Desktop will publish a version of your applications in the Microsoft Azure Cloud, allowing you to connect through any device.


Automated Data Backup

iCorps SaaS protect is a complete data backup and restoration solution for your SaaS content, including email, contacts, files, and more.


Remote Employee Resource Center

Teams Guidance

If you're using Microsoft Teams collaboration platform, check out our resource center and video guide. 

Telework Guidance

View our best practices for secure telework, and information about identifying common cybersecurity scams.

Remote Employee Resource Center

Learn more about securing, and supporting, a mobile workforce by visiting our resource hub. From Microsoft Teams to remote security, we have your employees covered.

Resources for Mobile Employees  →

Secure Mobile Business Endpoints with Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security

If your organization is leveraging the Microsoft 365 stack of services, learn more about securing your mobile end-points:

Microsoft EMS

Microsoft EMS combines Azure Active Directory, Rights Management, Microsoft Intune, and Advanced Threat Analytics for cost-effective, comprehensive security across devices, applications, and data.

Secure Your Mobile Devices

Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 encompasses Office 365 applications, cloud services, device management, and advanced security for a more intelligent workplace experience.

Collaborate in Real-Time

Microsoft InTune

Microsoft InTune works within Microsoft 365 to review and secure mobile devices and operating systems. Machine Learning and AI power conditional access policies, identity verification, and real-time risk monitoring.

Employee Cybersecurity Training

Highly Customizable

Our security experts will assess where your vulnerabilities lie, and customize training to address these concerns head-on.

Actionable Metrics

After custom training sessions, we distribute exams and proof-of-execution to meet stringent compliance needs.

Employee Cybersecurity Training

Technology only works when you know how to use it. That's why our on-site IT training begins while we reconfigure, augment, or design your systems—getting your staff up to speed so your business can grow. 

Train Your Employees  →


Mobile Security Best Practices

The security of your employees is crucial to the overall safety and health of your business. Without the proper training on today's best-of-breed mobile security practices, your end-users will remain the most significant threat to your data. 


Microsoft 365 provides identity and access management via Azure AD, to streamline users' experience, and deter password duplication.

Understanding Single-Sign-On

Conditional Access

Dynamic access policies account for user location, behavior, and history. These settings are customized for your business needs and workflow.

Leveraging Adaptive Policies

Phishing Attack Simulation

Train your end-users with automated attack simulations, top of the line security awareness training, and actionable reporting metrics.

Phish Your Employees

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In-Depth Analysis

iCorps’ Security Assessment is a one-time scan of your network and provides a detailed vulnerability summary report of your IT infrastructure.

Detailed Deliverable

iCorps will provide you with a thorough report that outlines both external and internal vulnerabilities and acts as a roadmap for remediation.

How Secure is Your Network?

Let our experts determine where your vulnerabilities are with an iCorps' Security Assessment. A proper assessment should always be the first step in identifying the vulnerabilities within your network.

Request a Security Assessment