Information Technology Training Services

iCorps provides focused and targeted sessions on how to leverage technology in your business. From periodic lunch-and-learns to full-scale IT training programs, our experts provide programs that specifically address the issues important to your business. These trainings can be targeted for specific teams, departments, or your entire staff.

Microsoft 365 Training

The Microsoft 365 software application suite is a goldmine of business tools that enhance productivity, security, and streamline business processes. Unfortunately, not all companies are leveraging these tools to their fullest potential. Our Microsoft 365 training services will educate you and your staff on the programs available, and ensure your business is maximizing ROI.

Phishing Attack Simulations

Cybersecurity Training

Ransomware has become a billion-dollar industry, phishing schemes are increasingly sophisticated, and more businesses are being targeted. Employee education on cybersecurity solutions is the first step to keeping your business protected from cyber schemes. iCorps can educate your staff and internal IT team about the latest threats, and which technologies can be implemented to protect your business. Our custom trainings cover:

  1. Different Cyber Threats

    • SPAM, Phishing, and Social Engineering
    • Malware and Ransomware
  2. Identity Services

    • Multi-Factor Authentication and Password Security
    • Protecting Usernames
  3. Internet-Related Threats

    • Email, Social Media, and Web Site Usage
  4. Protecting Company Data

    • Viruses, Data Loss, and Secure Data Sharing
  5. How to Report Cybersecurity Issues

  6. Testing and Reporting

Microsoft Security Score

Vulnerability Analysis

Identify areas for improvement across devices, applications, and platforms.

Best-Fit Solutions

Improve the security of your IT with custom recommendations.

Free Microsoft Security Score

Improve the security of your IT infrastructure, with a free Microsoft Security Score. As a Microsoft Gold Partner, iCorps can provide this Security Score - allowing our consultants to assess your security posture and offer custom recommendations.

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