Information Technology Training Services

Information Technology Training Services

On-site Information Technology Training

Technology works for you only when you know how to use it. That is why our on-site information technology training begins while we are reconfiguring, augmenting, or designing your systems and network. On-site information technology training gets your staff up to speed fast and keeps them current as your business develops and grows. 

Customized Training for Your Business

iCorps provides focused and targeted trainings on how to leverage technology in your business. From periodic lunch-and-learns or whiteboard sessions to full-scale information technology training programs, our team of experts can provide programs that specifically address the issues that are important to your business. These information technology trainings can be targeted for specific teams, departments or your entire staff.

Office 365 Training

Microsoft's Office 365 software application suite is a goldmine of business tools that enhance productivity, security and can streamline business processes. Unfortunately, not all companies are leveraging these tools to their fullest potential and for the benefit of their business. Our Office 365 training services will educate you and your staff on the ins and outs of the programs available and assure your business is maximizing your investment to its fullest. 

Cybersecurity Training

Ransomware has become a billion-dollar industry, phishing schemes are becoming more sophisticated and more businesses are being targeted. Employee education on cybersecurity solutions is the first step to keeping your business protected from cyber schemes.  iCorps can help with a lunch-and-learn for your staff as well as information technology training for your internal IT team around the latest threats, and which technologies and steps can be implemented to protect your staff, corporate data and business as a whole.

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