Solutions Designed to Meet Your Business Needs

Staff Augmentation

Our staff augmentation business solution allows you to meet fluctuating customer/seasonal demand. Our services include help desk coverage, strategic planning, and flexible consulting.


Technical Consulting

Technology drives your business' internal processes and customer-facing practices. Our technical consultants can help select and design solutions that position you for long-term success. 


IT Procurement

iCorps’ outsourced procurement services enable you to leverage our product knowledge and buying power for your IT investments, resulting in a smoother purchasing process and best-fit solution.


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In-Depth Analysis

iCorps’ Cloud Readiness Assessment offers a clear understanding of your business's IT infrastructure and which parts of your IT infrastructure are ready for the cloud. 

Detailed Deliverable

iCorps will provide you with a detailed cloud migration roadmap outlining cloud recommendations and best-practices, that are on scope, on budget, and on time. 

Ready for a Move to the Cloud?

Cloud Computing offers a variety of business benefits, but it also comes with a lot of questions. Where do you start? And will the cloud really work for YOUR specific business?

iCorps' Cloud Readiness Assessment is the first step to determining whether your business is viable for a cloud platform.


Book a Cloud Readiness Assessment

iCorps offers expertise for large, sustained, or specialized projects that require a specific skill set or certified knowledge on a technology or product stack. We also provide coverage for vacations, short-term absences, seasonal or temporary demand, or long term. Given the nature of our work, our consultants are exposed to a multitude of situations and computing environments – and they bring high quality, valuable knowledge to your site.

iCorps Technology Consulting builds off our staff augmentation model providing strategic guidance without the financial strain of a full-time IT leader. For large-scale projects, such as resource integration, our technical consultants perform a 360 assessment of your current environment to determine which IT solutions best fit your business needs. Our consultants can assist with technical projects such as:

  • Project work and planning
  • Cloud migrations / optimization
  • Microsoft 365 implementation / projects
  • Cybersecurity and compliance gap analysis

A company’s typical purchasing process is ad-hoc, leading to a lack of uniformity, standards, and reduced cost-effectiveness. Having a dedicated procurement team enables significant gains, including order tracking, cost and time savings, and regulated standards in pricing, quality, and delivery.