Managed Extended Detection and Response to fit your business 

Managed Extended Detection and Response (MXDR) is an advanced cybersecurity service that combines the capabilities of Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR), Network Detection and Response (NDR), Cloud Detection and Response (CDR), and Software as a Service Detection and Response (SaaSDR) into a unified solution.

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Why MXDROne of the main challenges businesses face today is the increasing sophistication and frequency of cyberattacks. Traditional security solutions, such as antivirus software and firewalls, are no longer enough to protect against the evolving threats that target networks, endpoints, and data.  In this complex and ever-changing landscape, attackers have more opportunities than ever to cause damage. With networks moving to the cloud, an increase in remote workers, and more third-party software, companies face greater risks than ever before. 

With the rising sophistication of cyber threats targeting endpoint, network, identity, cloud, and SaaS app data - using a detection and response model that only addresses one of these entry points is like only installing a surveillance system at your front door.

iCorps MXDR, powered by our partners at Gradient Cyber, combines cutting-edge telemetry and machine learning with human expertise and analysis for a comprehensive, holistic, 24/7 cyber defense system designed specifically for mid-market businesses like yours.

Enhanced Visibility

iCorps MXDR platform provides a holistic view of network and endpoint activity, as well as the threat landscape, by collecting and correlating data from various sources. This enables businesses to detect anomalies, suspicious behaviors, and indicators of compromise that might otherwise go unnoticed.

Cost Savings

Businesses can reduce the costs associated with cybersecurity by eliminating the noise of needless alerts. Each alert is reviewed for its threat level and categorized before iCorps is alerted. This weeds out false on non-actionable alerts, saving the client time and money.  

Human Expertise

iCorps MXDR sorts through the white noise and provides actionable, responsive, and timely service where and when it matters most.  We combine human expertise, advanced technology, and threat intelligence to monitor networks, endpoints, clouds, and IoT devices for any signs of malicious activity. 



Managed Extended Detection and Response Infographic

Learn more about iCorps' MXDR solution and how to level up your business's cybersecurity. 

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