iCorps Helps Windover Construction With Two Major Projects


[Maryann Bronner - Windover Construction] Before partnering with iCorps, we worked with two other IT companies that we were not satisfied with. We set up a meeting with iCorps and immediately knew what we were missing. Our servers were old. They were totally out of space. Our email platform was not in place. Our security and firewalls were outdated. Our hardware was outdated, and our software was outdated.

iCorps helped us with two major components, one being the implementation of Office 365. They let us know exactly what they were going to do. They researched our hardware and software needs. And really let everyone know what they were doing, and the implementation went seamlessly.

They also help us with a move of our main office from Manchester, Mass to Beverly, Mass, in which they were involved from the beginning in constructing the server room, in setting up all of the cables and dealing with our electrician and wiring, and phone lines. And the end result was our employees left for work on Friday, came in Monday and they just started working. That was all iCorps.

Since we've partnered with iCorps, we have had an increase in staff of almost 40 people. iCorps really helped with on-boarding quickly and seamlessly. Some of these people came on very quickly. We continue to grow, and they continue to assess our needs and tell us what we'll need if we have any more growth. And they research it, again, and they tell us exactly what we need.

I recently had an experience where I was closing out the year, and I was doing it late at night from home, and the server locked up. And I was able to get in touch with our consultants. And they stayed with me until 11 o'clock at night, rebooted our servers, and waited until I was able to get back in and finish what I needed to. And they were amazing.

iCorps is outstanding. Our consultants are amazing. The support desk is very responsive. I get a lot of unsolicited compliments from our employees about the knowledge and expertise and the responsiveness of iCorps.


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