Is an IT Project Right for Your Business?

Lack of IT Staff

Many business owners don't have the internal staff necessary to carry out valuable IT projects. Outsourcing projects can help you achieve your business goals, without relying on internal bandwidth. 

Internal Initiatives

Sometimes, businesses try to complete too many projects at the same time. By offloading certain projects to an MSP, you can free up internal staff to focus on existing initiatives they are more familiar with.

Technical Expertise

Even if you have internal staff, certain projects necessitate outsourced experts. Cybersecurity, IT governance, and compliance projects are particularly complex. Our security experts can make it easier. 

Azure Active Directory Services

Our Consultants Supporting Your Business

"When it comes to iCorps' experience with Azure and cloud migrations, our clients benefit from our broad project base and diverse set of technologies. We see many different types of deployments, and that knowledge directly benefits all our clients. Unlike other firms, we really focus on the right solution for the problem. If a cloud migration, or hybrid setup is not the best path, we work with our clients to design a solution around their individual needs. We are not a one size fits all firm."
- Dan G., Strategic Technology Advisor

Common IT Projects

Cloud Migrations

With so many options, it can be difficult to determine which cloud configuration is best for your business. We work with new clients to assess the state of their IT infrastructure and develop a migration roadmap to support their business goals:

  • Private to Public Cloud Migrations
  • Hybrid Cloud Environments
  • Azure AD Directory Cleanup
  • Cost Optimization


M365 Migrations

Outlook, Excel, OneDrive, Teams. Microsoft 365 offers the applications your employees love - in the cloud. M365 combines world class layered security, dynamic scalability, and a robust line of subscription services. Optimize your Office experience:

  • Streamlined Employee Collaboration 
  • IT Governance & Compliance
  • Identity Management 
  • Custom Integrations


Digital Transformation

Struggling under legacy systems? Looking to overhaul hardware, or integrate cloud services in your infrastructure? Digital transformation looks different for every company. But when done right, the results are unanimous:

  • Greater Agility and Competitiveness
  • Long-Term Growth Strategy
  • Scalable Technical Services
  • Secured Platforms



We help our clients deploy defense-in-depth strategies to battle the latest cyber threats and keep their data safe and recoverable. Our consultants can help ensure your security posture is layered:

  • Cloud, Infrastructure, Application, Device, and Data Level Strategies
  • Compliance Benchmarks
  • Authentication Solutions
  • Identity Management