Azure Cloud Migration

With so many options, it can be difficult to determine which cloud configuration is best for your business. Some companies want hybrid environments, with resources on-premise and in the cloud. Others are trapped in private clouds, with no control over their digital assets, and want a public platform such as Microsoft Azure. We work with new clients closely, assess the state of their IT infrastructure, and determine which structure will best support their employees and business goals. From there, we create a dynamic migration roadmap, with cloud consultants offering hands-on expertise every step of the way. Learn why so many of our clients chose Microsoft Azure:

Enterprise Security Compliance

Multi-layered security compliance across physical data centers, infrastructure, and operations. Leverage Azure's 90+ compliance offerings. For more information, please visit Microsoft's Azure Security portal:

Next-Gen Security Soluitons

Scalable Growth for Dynamic Business

Azure Hyperscale allows your business to grow intelligently across compute, storage, and memory. AI, Open Source technology, and integrations make it easy. Learn more about scaling your cloud resources, in this new blog:

Scale Your Infrastructure

Seamless Hybrid Experience

Whether your IT infrastructure is on-premise, in the cloud, or at the edge, Azure has the tools to integrate and manage your computing environment. Read how iCorps created a hybrid environment for Norbella, in this case study:

Customize Your Cloud

"When it comes to iCorps' experience with Azure and cloud migrations, our clients benefit from our broad project base and diverse set of technologies. We see many different types of deployments, and that knowledge directly benefits all our clients. Unlike other firms, we really focus on the right solution for the problem. If a cloud migration, or hybrid setup is not the best path, we work with our clients to design a solution around their individual needs. We are not a one size fits all firm."

Dan G., Strategic Technology Advisor



Microsoft 365 Migration

Outlook, Excel, OneDrive, Teams - the resources your business uses every day. Microsoft 365 offers the same applications your employees love, but in the cloud. The platform combines world class layered security, dynamic scalability, and a robust line of subscription services. You can automate business processes through workflows and custom mobile apps, customize your workspace with integrations, and protect your information with encryption, identity management, and compliance tools. Learn more about optimizing your Office experience with M365: 

End-to-End Security

Leverage threat-protection technologies to thwart spam, malware, viruses, phishing attempts, malicious links, and more. Learn about best-of-breed security, and issues your current IT provider may be ignoring:

Best Fit Security Solutions

System Patching

Benefit from automatic updates, ensuring your employees are running the latest versions of their applications. If your MSP doesn't prioritize patching, they're putting you at risk for a breach. Find out why:

Protect Your Network

Streamline Collaboration

Streamline team communication with group chat, online meetings, VoIP calling, and web conferencing. For other benefits, including AI-powered integrations and virtual assistants, read more about Teams:

Work from Anywhere


"For every Microsoft 365 migration we perform, we begin with a 360° assessment. Most organizations initially want email solutions, and a more reliable, highly available, and scalable platform. As we introduce other features - SharePoint, OneDrive, Teams - the platform becomes really useful to our clients. We build security into every deployment with Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security, InTune, Conditional Access, Multi-factor authentication, and Data Loss Prevention. Microsoft is always adding new features and toolsets, so we continuously review these and see where we can improve overall ROI on the Microsoft 365 platform."

Brian P., Strategic Technology Advisor


Digital Transformation

Struggling under legacy systems? Looking to overhaul your hardware, or considering integrating cloud services in your infrastructure? Digital transformation looks different for every company. But when done right, the results are unanimous: scalable services, secure platforms, greater agility and competitiveness. And digital business transformations do not end with the implementation of new technology. They provide continued opportunities for businesses to operate better, collaborate more, and expand.

Scalable Growth

By trading legacy systems for scalable, cloud-based solutions, your business is supporting a modern workplace experience, and technologically-driven staff. Learn more about the 6 benefits of a business digital transformation:

Work for the Modern World 

Simplify Processes

Streamline existing processes to support newer, more efficient business capabilities. Automated tasks, productivity tools, and AI-powered cloud spend are all within reach. Read how iCorps streamlined B.GOOD's daily processes, in this case study:

Simplify Your Workflow

Long-Term Strategy

By trading legacy systems for scalable, cloud-based solutions, your business is supporting a modern workplace experience, and technologically-driven staff. Learn more about the 6 benefits of a business digital transformation:

Future-Proof Your Business

"iCorps understands the importance of a seamless migration when moving business applications to the cloud. We work closely with our clients to develop a migration roadmap to maintain the performance, reliability and user experience of newly cloud-based applications. Unfortunately for many businesses, this crucial step is often overlooked - resulting in lost productivity for their employees."

Tom P., Senior Technology and Systems Consultant



Cybersecurity and IT Governance

We help our clients deploy security solutions to improve their cybersecurity posture with defense-in-depth strategies to battle the latest cyber threats and keep their data safe and recoverable. You need security strategies at the cloud, infrastructure, application, device, and data levels. Our consultants can help ensure your security posture is layered, and best of breed.

Two-Factor Authentication

By leveraging an authentication platform, such as Authenticator or DUO Mobile, companies are able to negate 99.9% of daily cyberattacks. Find out more about business authentication strategies:

Best Practice Authentication


Teams provides identity and access management via Azure AD, to streamline users' experience, and deter password duplication. Learn what the pros and cons of single sign-on are:

Understanding Single-Sign-On

Conditional Access

Dynamic access policies account for user location, behavior, and history. These settings are customized for your business needs and workflow. Understand the value of conditional access for remote employees:

Leveraging Adaptive Policies

"Every company realizes the importance of cybersecurity, but few have written plans governing cybersecurity practice. By clearly outlining and adhering to security policies, your company can increase its resiliency against many cyberthreats. iCorps can help you create policies tailored to your company's unique risks and needs."

Anderson N., Senior Technology and Systems Consultant

In-Depth Analysis

iCorps’ 360˚ Technology Assessment is an in-depth, hands-on examination of your IT environment that delivers a comprehensive view into your IT operations.

Detailed Deliverable

iCorps will provide you with a thorough, detailed deliverable, outlining recommendations and solutions to meet the needs of your company’s specific environment.

Ready to Outsource Your IT?

Let our experts determine which Encompass outsourced support program is right for your business. For a comprehensive view of your network operations, we offer Technology, Security, Microsoft 365, and Cloud Readiness Assessments.

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