Which Backup Solution Is Right For Your Business Data?


When disaster strikes, your data must be secure and recoverable. iCorps Guardian ® and iCorps SaaS Protect ® deliver enterprise-level protection, ensuring that your organization is prepared for data disasters - at an affordable cost. Through our partnership with Datto, a leading provider of data backup and disaster recovery solutions, our recovery solutions ensure redundant protection through local data center backups, recovery through onsite image-based backups to a Guardian appliance, and business continuity via cloud backups. Developed with the backing of over two decades of experience, our recovery solutions are implemented by a team of expert IT consultants. These professionals ensure proper installation and management in your environment through best practices across multiple disciplines, including:

    • Disaster recovery
    • Retention and reporting
    • Data backup and restoration
    • High availability and shared storage
    • Infrastructure design and architecture

iCorps Guardian

iCorps Guardian is an enterprise-class, multi-tiered business continuity backup and recovery solution that allows you to select the level of protection and recovery options that fit your specific business needs. The program's multi-tiered approach includes:

  • Long-term Retention
  • Local Image-Based Backups
  • Business Environment Recovery
  • Cloud Storage Redundancy and Recovery
  • Ongoing Testing and Monitoring for Validation



iCorps SaaS Protect

iCorps SaaS Protect covers both Microsoft 365 and Google Cloud - platforms that don't offer native backup capabilities. Independent cloud backups help protect your data from malware damage or ransomware attacks, end-user mistakes, and external app errors:

  • Infinite Retention
  • Point-in-Time Backups
  • Thrice Daily Data Snapshots
  • Assistance Meeting Industry Compliance
  • Streamlined Recovery of Business Operations



SaaS Protect Datasheet

Business Continuity

Quickly restore data without serious downtime, overwriting existing files, or site collections targeted at the same URL.

Cost Effective

Simply pay a one-time provisioning cost and flat monthly fee based on users, not volume of data.

SaaS Protect Datasheet

An astonishing
1-in-3 companies report losing data stored in cloud-based applications. That means the permanent deletion of potentially hundreds of work hours. Skip the uncertainty and know your SaaS data is backed by the most complete solution on the market today. Reduce risk and spend more time and budget on strategic initiatives.

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What Are the Business Benefits of Data Backup?

Whether it's a ransomware attack, a natural disaster, or corruption of a customer's database, you want to make sure that your business's IT system can recover. Having a business continuity and disaster recovery (BCDR) plan is essential. There are a plethora of BCDR solutions (on-premise, hybrid, or cloud-based), and it's important to choose the best one for your business needs. Here's what you should be looking out for when assessing your next BCDR solution:

Evaluate BC/DR and DRaaS Solutions

Incorporate Cloud Backup and Recovery

Address Compliance Frameworks