Which Backup Solution Is Right For Your Business Data?

iCorps Guardian

iCorps Guardian is an enterprise-class, multi-tiered business continuity backup and recovery solution that allows you to select the level of protection and recovery options that fit your specific business needs. The program's multi-tiered approach includes:

  • Long-term Retention
  • Local Image-Based Backups
  • Business Environment Recovery
  • Cloud Storage Redundancy and Recovery
  • Ongoing Testing and Monitoring for Validation



iCorps SaaS Protect

iCorps SaaS Protect covers both Microsoft 365 and Google Cloud - platforms that don't offer native backup capabilities. Independent cloud backups help protect your data from malware damage or ransomware attacks, end-user mistakes, and external app errors:

  • Infinite Retention
  • Point-in-Time Backups
  • Thrice Daily Data Snapshots
  • Assistance Meeting Industry Compliance
  • Streamlined Recovery of Business Operations



How Can Your Business Benefit from a Data Backup Strategy?

When disaster strikes, your data must be secure and recoverable. iCorps Guardian ® and iCorps SaaS Protect ® deliver enterprise-level protection, ensuring that your organization is prepared for data disasters - at an affordable cost. Through our partnership with Datto, a leading provider of data backup and disaster recovery solutions, our recovery solutions ensure redundant protection through local data center backups, recovery through onsite image-based backups to a Guardian appliance, and business continuity via cloud backups. Developed with the backing of over two decades of experience, our recovery solutions are implemented by a team of expert IT consultants. These professionals ensure proper installation and management in your environment through best practices across multiple disciplines, including:

    • Disaster recovery
    • Retention and reporting
    • Data backup and restoration
    • High availability and shared storage
    • Infrastructure design and architecture

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