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iCorps Guardian®  - Data Backup and Disaster Recovery

When disaster strikes, it’s critical that you’re covered. iCorps Guardian® delivers enterprise-level protection for companies of all sizes, ensuring that your organization is prepared for data disasters that could disrupt or even disable your business – all at an affordable cost.

Calculate your potential loss from a disaster without a backup.

iCorps Guardian Overview: 

Developed with the backing of nearly two decades of  IT consulting experience, iCorps Guardian is implemented by our team of expert IT consultants. These professionals ensure the proper installation and management of the program in your environment through their use of best practices across multiple disciplines, including:

Infrastructure design and architecture

iCorps Guardian, a complete and affordable data backup and disaster recovery solution prepares you for disaster survival with tiered resilience. Through our partnership with datto, a leading provider of data backup, recovery and business continuity solutions, iCorps provides a comprehensive single solution that provides backup, recovery and business continuity. 

iCorps Guardian ensures redundant levels of protection including local backups and recovery through onsite image-based backups to an iCorps Guardian appliance and business continuity through backup and disaster recovery in the cloud. This reliable program enables your organization to recover from virtually any outage or catastrophic event – from data loss and server crashes to major disasters. 

iCorps Guardian automatic, ongoing critical measurement and testing techniques continuously validate that your backups work and they can be verified – confirming that your business is prepared at all times for quick and successful recovery from any type of disaster.

Technological innovations have set a new solution standard when it comes to data backup. Intelligent Business Continuity goes beyond data protection to deliver automated assurance, continuous protection, secured storage and instant recovery.

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An Expert Partner

While it’s an important part of your survival plan, data backup alone does not ensure business continuity. You need to know that you can run your business during – and immediately after – a disaster, even if your building is no longer standing.

With iCorps Guardian, you’ll be able to restore files in seconds, servers in minutes, or your entire environment in 48 hours or less. In the event of a disaster that damages or destroys your office – such as a fire or flood – emergency standby silos can have your employees up and running in as few as 24 hours with secure, virtual access to business data and applications from any Internet connection.

Now that’s total peace of mind.

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