Nauset Gains Peace of Mind from iCorps' 360-degree IT Support Services

[Ben Goldfarb - Nauset Construction]
So since I have formed a partnership with iCorps Technologies, it's really allowed me to focus my attention on where it needs to be — the core competencies of business development and management of other operations.

The other great thing that iCorps Technologies does is they've always paired experts to our company and our needs. There's always been a senior tech and a mid-level tech, and basically their knowledge — when either one is in the office or on the phone and dealing with one of my staff or myself, they've always been able to address the IT issues at hand.

So before we worked with iCorps Technologies, we had no server. It was just a client-side environment. Everybody had a laptop or a PC, and that was it. Then once we formed a partnership with iCorps, they instituted and implemented the first server environment, so networked everybody in the office and the field. And we've evolved and have since replaced multiple servers. And most recently, we virtualized our environment and now spin everything up, and a lot of the backup is all in the cloud as well. So that's another added sense of peace of mind for myself and Nauset Construction.


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