Coho Partners Adopts Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security (EMS)


[Brian Gibson - Coho Partners] Coho Partners is an institutional investment manager. We have a single dedicated strategy that invests in domestic large-cap equities. It emphasizes downside protection. But even in up markets, we want to participate in all but the most speculative of bull markets. Our clients demand a high level of service from us, high quality. And in doing that, we demand that of our vendors. And iCorps has been great in that regard. It's a true partnership.

I think two things that kind of hit me when I think about iCorps, the trust, and the reliability. If anytime there is an issue and I have to pick up the phone, I get the guys on the line, and they help me work through the issue. And it's been a great partnership.

A few things that they've helped with, I mean, I implemented email encryption. They were part of the vetting process. They were on calls
with me, helping me understand the pros and cons of the email encryption providers.

We've implemented two-factor authentication in the last six months with iCorps' help. We've implemented Microsoft's Enterprise Mobility Suite, which secures cell phones. I mean, we're proponents of Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD). We want employees to have that flexibility. We want them to be able to work remotely, but we want to make sure that our data is secure.

We decided to implement the Enterprise Mobility Suite by Microsoft to secure employees' devices. And ultimately, to secure our data. I think that largely it was a cybersecurity effort, but common sense too, we want people to be able to access data remotely. But we want to make sure that our data is secure.

I like thinking about the future, and technology is going to be a critical component of that. It already is. I think it's going to be even more important, especially when you start thinking about artificial intelligence and all of the research that you hear about these things. So thinking about these things in the future, and how we're going to implement that, and how we're going to perform our jobs is going to be important. And I think that the firms that are leaders in embracing the newest and latest technology are going to have a competitive advantage over those firms that don't embrace the new technology as quickly.

I feel like iCorps has our back, and there's not much that concerns me if there's just a meltdown of our core infrastructure. I feel like the backups are in place. In the event of a disaster, we'll be able to access our remote desktops. And even in the past, iCorps has been instrumental in being part of our disaster recovery, business continuity planning, and testing that we've performed.

So when it comes to the core technology, I'm not as concerned because I feel like I have a good strong partner in iCorps.

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