Protecting Your Business from Ransomware

Ransomware is a top threat to businesses today and occurs without warning, often with a ransom demand appearing on the screen. Hackers hold files or items hostage, usually by encrypting files of threatening permanent deletion, until payment or another condition is met. No industry or type of business is immune, and protecting your business from ransomware requires a proactive and layered approach. According to Sophos' "State of Ransomware" report, in 2021:

  • The average ransom paid by mid-size organizations was $170,404
  • The average bill for rectifying a ransomware attack was $1.85 million
  • 37% of organizations were hit with ransomware within the last year
  • Extortion style ransomware attacks have doubled year-over-year


Ransomware attacks are varied and complex - which is why you need a layered approach when it comes to prevention. We recommend the following solutions, working together, to help thwart ransomware attacks:

  1. Data Backup & Disaster Recovery - in the event of a cyber attack, you need to know your data is recoverable. We offer backup solutions for both cloud and on-premise environments with our SaaS Protect and iCorps Guardian programs. These recovery solutions provide redundant protection through local and image-based backups.
  2. Vulnerability & Penetration Testing - these tests search your network perimeter and assess how hackers could infiltrate your systems. By identifying network vulnerabilities, these tests allow your IT team to implement appropriate software and hardware solutions. 
  3. Network & Remote Monitoring - monitoring systems such as SOC-as-a-Service aggregate large behavioral data sets to quickly identify threats. SOC-as-a-Service monitors privilege elevation, data leaks and breaches, suspicious network activity, and user identity and account lockouts.
  4. Routine System Patching - it's absolutely essential that you monitor and patch all devices, applications, and operating systems that come into contact with your network. Patches protect against hardware and software vulnerabilities, or backdoors that cybercriminals can use to gain entry into your network.
  5. Email Security Solutions - since email remains a popular attack vector for ransomware, your organization should have robust SPAM filtering, anti-virus, and encryption solutions. You should also implement multi-factor authentication and single-sign-on tools to help secure remote devices. We also recommend dynamic access policies that account for use, location, and other custom settings. 
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