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IT Services to Grow Your Life Science Company

There are many company types within the biotech and life sciences industries that benefit from IT outsourcing. These may include biotech firms, medical device manufacturers, pharmaceutical and cosmeceutical makers, biophysics and neuroscience companies, food processors, and cell biology businesses.

This diverse array of specialties also require unique technologies including telehealth and telemedicine platforms, health information tech and user portals, and wearable devices.

Which Compliance and Regulatory Frameworks Apply to Life Science Companies?

Here are an abundance of compliance frameworks that apply to different life science companies, often designed to protect patient and personally identifiable information. Specific regulations include:

  • FDA - Food & Drug Administration
  • GDPR - General Data Protection Regulation
  • HIPAA - Health Insurance Portability & Accountability Act
  • HITECH - Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health
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Cybersecurity: We provide the expertise, hardware, software, installation, configuration, ongoing patch management, and continuous updates to protect against today’s advanced threats.

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Compliance: iCorps is a critical partner for your IT governance needs. We can help identify the ideal framework and create and maintain procedures for companies of all sizes. 

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Expert IT Strategy: Our team epitomizes professionalism and versatile expertise, ensuring that your IT strategy is cutting-edge and industry-compliant.

Trusted by Top US Life Science Companies

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Our Services and Solutions

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Secure Cloud Solutions

Count on iCorps' team of expert cloud consultants to execute a strategic plan that meets your growing business goals.

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Worry-free IT Support

From 360° support to additional staff, iCorps offers various IT support programs to fit your business needs.

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Managed Services

From data backup to managed security, our headache-free managed services offer affordable and complete protection.

Customer Testimonials

Hear from our satisfied customers who have achieved real results

“I’m a manufacturing guy…to have people like that who handle IT, and I don’t have to deal with it is why we have iCorps. And why EyePoint is happy with them."

5 Stars


Marty Nazzaro
Senior Vice President of Operations at EyePoint Pharmaceuticals

"We've now grown to 50 with projected of another 25% in growth. So we really needed to outsource our IT needs. And it's been a great partnership with iCorps to date. So as an Encompass client of iCorps, they really handle everything that we need in terms of IT. From our security to our infrastructure, to our day-to-day IT needs, we really just can count on them for everything."

5 Stars


Tara Marchi
Director of Corporate Development at Summit Healthcare

"When we look at the value proposition, of course, we're cost-sensitive, but we don't just look at dollars and cents, we look at the value that's created. I'd rather work with professionals who have been doing this for decades and are guiding us to the solutions that can be implemented for us. That's why the strategic planning piece is important to me. They're not just someone who comes in and checks our servers...that strategic planning piece also provides value to us as well."

5 Stars

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Timothy Brauns
Chief Operating Officer at SmartPharm Therapeutics

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