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Construction Cloud Solutions

Secure Cloud Services

Count on iCorps' team of expert cloud consultants to execute a strategic plan that meets your goals.

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Construction IT Support

Worry-free IT Support

From 360° support to additional staff, iCorps offers various outsourced IT support programs to fit your business needs.

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Managed Construction IT Services

Managed Services

From data backup to managed security, our headache-free managed services offer affordable and complete protection.

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What Is iCorps Providing for the Construction and Development Industries Across the Northeast?

Our IT professionals have a firm grasp on properly safeguarding construction professionals and businesses. View our testimonials to see what our clients have to say or request a complimentary consultation.


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Happy Clients

How can technical excellence transform your business?

Delphi Construction

"Today the only time I ever deal with IT issues is when iCorps comes in for its regular hardware review, because everything just runs the way it should. All of the constant failures, things getting hung up, that just doesn’t happen anymore."

Ken Brooks
Project Controller
superstructures icon

"We chose iCorps’ managed security because they demonstrated both the technical knowledge and product experience to alleviate our concerns. You know you made the right decision when an event occurs in the middle of the night, and they are already on top of it."

Michael Fichter
Director of Technology
Corcoran Jennison

"I used to be wary of IT outsourcing, until I worked with iCorps - now I'm a true believer! Their range of IT skills and experience gives us the expertise and flexibility to tackle our everyday challenges and prepare ourselves for the future."

Christopher Holmquest
Former CFO
vulcan spring

"Our iCorps consultants are working hard to ensure that we get to a healthy place within our network and are available as much as possible when issues arise. I can also say that speaking with the help desk has been very helpful...they take time to hear what the issue is and address it as quickly as possible."

Catherine Tyger
Marketing Coordinator