IT Services to Grow Your Construction Company


There are many company types within the construction industry that benefit from IT outsourcing. There are real estate developers, architecture / design firms, engineers, construction management companies, general / subcontractors, material suppliers, equipment lessors, and restoration / remediation contractors. While each have different employee structures and needs, there are a few key technologies that have been taking off in recent years: Building Information Modeling (BIM) software, data collections such as PowerBI, 3D printing, virtual reality and wearables, and artificial intelligence platforms.  

Construction companies have to remain compliant with all manner of regulations. There are also many aspects of daily operations that warrant layered security policies and protocols. These may include:

  • Contractual agreements between owners, contractors, and subcontractors 
  • Insurance and bonding requirements
  • Wage and union payroll agreements
  • Building and safety regulations
  • Credit and background checks
  • Lien requirements

Secure Cloud Solutions

Count on iCorps' team of expert cloud consultants to execute a strategic plan that meets your growing business goals.


Worry-free IT Support

From 360° support to additional staff, iCorps offers various outsourced IT support programs to fit your business needs.


Managed Services

From data backup to managed security, our headache-free managed services offer affordable and complete protection.


5 Stars

"Today, the only time I ever deal with IT issues is when iCorps comes in for its regular hardware review because everything just runs the way it should. All of the constant failures, things getting hung up, that just doesn’t happen anymore."

Ken Brooks
Project Controller at Delphi Construction

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Construction IT Services

Cloud Platform Security

iCorps offers integrated cloud security solutions, including conditional access, advanced threat protection, real-time monitoring, and more.

IT Compliance

Set customized device and data usage policies to secure your mobile and in-office employees.

Security Essentials for Construction Companies

Construction companies have to remain compliant with client, state, and job-specific frameworks. We recommend the following, for a secure and compliant IT infrastructure:

  • DNS Firewall
  • Managed Security
  • Managed Email Security
  • Multi-factor Authentication
  • End Point Detection and Response

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Strategic IT Services for Construction Companies

Our IT professionals have a firm grasp on properly safeguarding construction professionals and businesses. We have years of experience in the construction industry and are ready to serve your business needs. Our experts will cater to your business needs to ensure that you reach your business goals. View our testimonials to see what our construction clients have to say about their partnership with iCorps.