Our distinctive shadow program which assures (at no extra charge to you) that multiple IT consultants are familiar with your environment to provide consistent service delivery, continuity and coverage.



Senior-level business and IT consultants help you navigate the tide of current and emerging technologies to determine which technologies are right for your business, today and tomorrow.



A dedicated team delivers on the power of integrated procurement – providing you with seamless, affordable upgrades and renewals that are timely and accurate.



And, Encompass is built to be scalable – we can add coverage and specialized skills for projects, or expand or increase service frequency to support your growing business.


Which iCorps IT support program is right for you?

iCorps Encompass considers the entire scope of IT and applies a customized balance of proactive IT services, planning, and expertise that keeps your business ahead of the curve. The fixed-cost model results in more predictable and balanced spending across all IT components, lowered cost per service, and fewer emergencies. The overall IT savings can be applied to your bottom line or to value-added projects that bolster your company’s competitive edge, growth, and productivity

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The iCorps Encompass Plus program caters to clients who have identified IT as an actual business driver. It takes on your IT issues and worries, allowing you to focus on growing your business and serving your customers while gaining a competitive advantage. Encompass PLUS delivers the benefits of a CIO's deep technology expertise, insight and business acumen - at a fraction of the cost. In addition to the high-level IT advisor, the program offers all that is included within Encompass. 

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Whether your company was born in the cloud, or you're trying to better leverage your cloud technology, iCorps' Encompass Edge can ensure you're receiving the support you need and optimizing your cloud investment to enable your business.  Maintaining a business’s cloud environment may seem daunting with a small internal staff and limited expertise.

The Encompass Edge program includes everything from virtual care to onsite scheduled maintenance visits. In turn, this proactive program minimizes unplanned IT spending events, such as an IT emergency. 

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"We are ready to outsource our IT—where do we start?"

In-Depth Analysis

In-Depth Analysis

iCorps’ 360˚ Technology Assessment is a comprehensive, firsthand examination of your IT environment that delivers a comprehensive view into your IT operations.

Detailed Deliverable

Detailed Deliverable

iCorps will provide you with a meticulous, in-depth deliverable, outlining recommendations and solutions to meet the needs of your company’s specific environment.

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"The iCorps team has either known how to do things right off the bat or has been able to find the answers very quickly. Once I hit the limits, that’s where I can have the iCorps team finish things up for me or take it to the next level."

-Austin Brinson, VP of Data Analytics

“As an Encompass client of iCorps, they really handle everything that we need in terms of IT. From our security to our infrastructure, to our day-to-day IT needs, we really can count on them for everything. ”

-Tara Marchi, Director of Corporate Development
Summit Healthcare

“As Director of IT at Greenbriar equity, my job is to make sure that we function as securely and stable as possible and iCorps helps us do that.”

-Scott Parkins, Director of Information Technology
Greenbriar Equity Group