Network and Server Monitoring

Most IT environments are complex. The failure of even one server can bring applications, systems – and your business – to a screeching halt. That's why iCorps' server monitoring has proactivity built into its core.

Delivering Peace of Mind

iCorps’ remote network monitoring tools and capabilities are paired with the expertise of our IT engineers, to keep your servers running at peak performance. iCorps' server monitoring solution:

Managed Security CTA

  • establishes baselines for server performance and utilization
  • identifies – and resolves – unexpected issues before they become a problem
  • delivers regular, comprehensive reporting on the health and status of your servers, including availability, utilization, and performance
  • provides instant notification when problems arise – and offers simultaneous remediation actions that troubleshoot the problem automatically

A Proactive Approach

iCorps takes a proactive approach in all of our IT offerings and is the “backbone” of our Encompass IT support services. This approach helps to identify issues in your complex IT environment before they snowball. Our server monitoring employs both technology and broad expertise to prevent system and business downtime, and help avoid costly emergency fixes.