How Has iCorps Technologies Helped the Construction, Real Estate, and Development Industries?


For more than 25+ years, iCorps has been providing award-winning IT solutions and IT support programs to meet the needs and goals of businesses across the Northeast. Every company needs a strategic IT plan, no matter the size. The construction industry is no exception.

What has iCorps done for the construction, real estate, and development industries?

[Ben Goldfarb - Nauset Construction] So before we worked with iCorps Technologies, we had no server. It was just a client-side environment, and everybody had a laptop or a PC, and that was it. Most recently, we virtualized our environment and now spin everything up. And a lot of the backup is all in the cloud as well, so that's another added sense of peace of mind for myself and Nauset Construction.

[Maryann Bronner - Windover Construction] iCorps is outstanding. Our consultants are amazing. The support desk is very responsive. I get a lot of unsolicited comments, compliments, from our employees about the knowledge, and expertise, and the responsiveness of iCorps.

[Paul Mahoney - Corcoran Jennison] iCorps has really taken the pressure off of me having any concerns. It's really allowed me to focus on the big-ticket items that I have, such as risk management, human resources, and it would be very hard for me to manage an area that I don't have a lot of expertise in. So I depend on iCorps heavily, and they have delivered.

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