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Virtual Private Network: VPN Solutions

Before, remote access technology required costly user licenses, and had to be configured for every user and device. Now, with a URL, username, and password, employees around the world can use SSL VPNs to stay connected to the office and information they need. With a wide variety of VPN products and types available – including SSL, site-to-site, remote, high availability, and bonded – iCorps can design and implement the VPN solution that meets your remote access needs, to connect:

  • Offices over cloud services
  • Remote workers securely into your network systems
  • Cross-platform devices – including Mac, PC, and mobile devices such as smart phones and iPads

Secure Connections

As a remote path into your network, VPNs can pose risks if not designed and implemented properly. iCorps’ IT consultants are experts in security, mobility, compliance, and remote access. That expertise, combined with 20+ years of IT experience, positions iCorps well for implementing a VPN solution that delivers secure connections and protects your users, networks, and information.