Managing IT Risk Management Challenges

IT Risk Management ChallengesWe live in a world where information is constantly gathered across an organization's computers, devices, and systems. In today’s regulated environment, the interconnection of systems and new technologies has raised the stakes when it for risk management. Whether you’re focused on business risk, regulatory risk, or both, iCorps' risk assessment can help you develop an appropriate mitigation strategy and ensure compliance.

Understanding IT Risks

The first step in developing an effective strategy is to understand and quantify the business and compliance risks specific to your organization. Examples of IT compliance regulations include:

  • CoBit
  • ISO 27001
  • Sarbanes-Oxley
  • Gramm-Leach-Bliley
  • SSAE 16 (Formerly SAS 70)
  • Plus, corporate regulations, and industry and state privacy regulations

With insight into your risk profile and compliance requirements, iCorps can perform a technology assessment that defines the strengths and vulnerabilities in your existing network – as well as potential exposures. In this assessment, iCorps compiles all framework requirements, evaluates your current state, and makes recommendations to mitigate gaps. As an advanced IT company, our mitigation plans also include improved documentation with clearly defined processes. Our guidance often addresses:

IT Risk Mitigation in Action

Once your IT risks are identified and mitigation plans are in place, our highly-skilled technical consultants can install, configure, and manage any hardware or software solutions you require. We can also help you with the management and security of mobile devices, and the integration of new entities securely into your environment.

We can help

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