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Citrix Consulting

Business growth is a good thing, but as you add employees, you add workstations. If you provide remote virtual desktop capabilities, you add another layer of complexity, and your management time and cost can increase exponentially. As a leading provider of remote connectivity, Citrix desktop virtualization offers your employees key benefits:

  1. Rich User Experience: A virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) enables users to save their settings and access their applications. Their remote sessions look and feel just like their own desktop for a convenient, more productive session.
  2. Easy Management: The virtual desktop session is managed centrally, meaning all applications are delivered from the centralized Citrix server. There is no need to install individual software packages on each workstation. You can manage hundreds of users as if you were managing one.Citrix Partner: Silver Solution Advisor

To implement a remote access solution that delivers on these benefits, you need proper upfront planning and expertise. iCorps assesses your current technology infrastructure for a thorough understanding of your needs, including the number of remote users and applications they require. As a seasoned Citrix consulting firm, iCorps applies our experience and design expertise to create, deploy, and optimize a solution that supports your employees.

Solid Benefits

iCorps works with you to implement a remote access solution that is secure, reliable, and scales with your growing needs. Our Citrix consulting solutions reduce your management time and costs, while providing a seamless user experience. Regardless of your company size, iCorps can help you map out the best approach for your remote access solution.