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LAN + WAN Solutions

Our infrastructure solutions take a holistic view of your network, and are customized around specific needs. iCorps technical specialists look for areas to optimize, and protect your information through secure connections and infrastructure fitted with appropriate network devices. Our focuses include:

  • Network designs that provide fast access to the data you need.
  • Current firewalls configured to let in what you want and keep out the rest
  • Secure wireless access providing the portability needed in today’s business without sacrificing managed network security

Switches and routers are the backbone of any network, so ensure the necessary power management and failover capabilities are in place. iCorps implements the latest in load balancing technologies, and can assist you in finding and resolving the bottlenecks in your existing network infrastructure.

Managed Security CTA

End-to-End Service

iCorps specializes in integrating all types of network solutions seamlessly. As a professional IT consulting company, we prioritize efficiency, security, and overall resource management with our end-to-end service. Add our proactive advanced network monitoring service, and you have a reliable network that will scale as your business grows.