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IT Network Architecture DesignThe IT network design and architecture are, perhaps, the most consistently undervalued and under planned aspects of the IT environment. Yet, so much relies on your network as the foundation of your IT support. Commonly, companies design the network to fit their current business operations. As the business – and its technology requirements – expand, however, the network can’t support the growth and it begins to fail – with costly results. The impacts of a poorly designed network range from slow performance to increased downtime to lost productivity – and even lost revenues.

For 20 plus years as an IT consulting firm, iCorps has designed business networks with the future in mind. Whether it’s starting from scratch or a redesign, iCorps’ approach to right-sizing your network architecture is to get it right – the first time.


iCorps uses industry best practices for IT network design to assess, plan, and implement your network architecture. Architected to support your business today, we design your network foundation to support the unknown – using best-of-breed tools that are scalable, flexible, and reliable to hold up to:

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A Solid Foundation

If you’re serious about your business, get serious about your network architecture. You need knowledgeable, skilled experts – and we’ve got them. For companies of all sizes – and special cases such as mergers and acquisitions and corporate transitions – iCorps IT network architecture design services deliver network architectures that businesses can grow into, not out of.

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