IT Network Integration Challenges

Your network is the backbone of your technology IT Network Integration Challengesinfrastructure. How reliably your network supports mission-critical processes, and how effectively it allows for growth is critical for your business success. The processes of building, combining, and upgrading networks properly have never been more complex. The combination of on-premise and cloud solutions, multi-site facilities, VoIP, high availability (HA) requirements, mobile devices, and remote users present plenty of challenges in getting it right.

The IT network integration consultants at iCorps can help you get it right the first time. We have been building networks for over 20 years. Our certified, experienced professionals and proven methodology deliver the technologies you need within the framework of a secure, stable, scalable foundation that’s built with IT support to guide your business for the duration.

Building a Solid Foundation

Understanding your existing network architecture, computing environment, and anticipated needs are critical for building a network that’s right for your business. That’s why we begin all of our projects with an assessment, and provide solid, actionable recommendations – based on our findings – on how to move forward. Technology recommendations may include:

When the design is finalized, iCorps’ technical experts can plan, procure, deploy, manage, test, and document your new network.


If you’re reconfiguring, replacing, or moving your network, iCorps is the IT company for you. We provide all aspects of network integration services including:

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