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Vulnerability Monitoring & Reporting 


With the rising prevalence of cybercrime impacting small and mid-size businesses, it’s more important than ever for organizations to strengthen their cybersecurity posture with a multi-layered approach. One of these layers includes the monitoring of security vulnerabilities, which can unnecessarily expose companies to risk and can be defined as “a weakness in a product that could allow an attacker to compromise the integrity, availability, or confidentiality of that product.”   

iCorps is dedicated to providing you with the best IT security practices possible. With our Vulnerability Monitoring and Reporting Managed Service and Security Assessment, we can help your business detect and remediate these weaknesses, and help you have a peace of mind when it comes to susceptibilities that could be putting your company data at risk.

Through this Managed Service, the iCorps team will monitor and collect data daily on a client’s environment including internal and external risks. Whether a business is operating with cloud hosted servers, on-premises servers or in a hybrid environment, iCorps will be able to monitor and report on security liabilities and changes to a customer’s network. These network changes could include, but not be limited to:

  • the addition of a new device
  • the addition of a new user
  • a locked-out computer
  • a failed login attempt


Changes will be reported daily via an email journal and security bulletin. Through this service, iCorps will also provide a monthly network IT security risk review and management plan identifying security dangers and prioritizing them.

How to Get Started:

An initial Security Assessment is conducted to identify all current vulnerabilities within your network. A vulnerability summary report is produced which outlines internal and external risks, and allows your business to remediate the issues, either with your own internal IT resources or with the help of iCorps IT experts. After the initial assessment, you can then sign on for ongoing vulnerability management through our monitoring and reporting service.

A one-time Security Assessment is also available to businesses that require a vulnerability assessment and remediation, but may not be looking for ongoing change management review.

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Your Security Partner:

We believe businesses must embrace a multifaceted approach to protect their endpoints, end users and critical data. As a company, we have had great success with our Managed Services including Data Backup, Disaster Recovery and Managed Security, so we have added an additional layer to our security offering with vulnerability monitoring and reporting. For businesses of all sizes, this provides enterprise-class protection for a fraction of the cost of setting up equivalent internal systems. Our expertise and support help you rest easy, knowing that your network systems – and your business – are secured.

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