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SPAM Filtering Service

Email SPAM FilteringToday, SPAM makes up a full 80-85% of all the email in the world. Aside from the fact that some SPAM emails may, in fact, be a guise for a phishing attack or contain a virus that could affect network security and performance, the sheer number of junk emails that enters a company on a given day poses a significant threat to worker productivity. iCorps’ SPAM filtering is a managed service that detects and removes unwanted emails from your company’s incoming mail, and delivers only legitimate email to your users so they can read them – and get back to business.

Keeping Inboxes Lean and Safe

iCorps’ SPAM filtering is a best-of-breed, cloud solution that we offer as an IT managed service – which our technical consultants install, configure, manage, and monitor for you for a flat monthly fee. Our email SPAM filter technology provides a real-time, pass-through architecture that:

  • Keeps your network safe by blocking email-borne threats such as SPAM, viruses, phishing, denial of service, directory harvest attacks, and other attacks
  • Blocks emails from a “blacklist” of identified SPAM addresses and domains
  • Looks for trigger words in the email content that suggest SPAM (such as “free” or “preapproved”)
  • Identifies patterns of disguised trigger words (e.g. be$t buy)

SPAM email datasheet Access the Email Threat Protection and Continuity Datasheet

Partnering Against SPAM

In addition to blocking the mountains of SPAM and email-borne threats that otherwise would bombard your users’ inboxes, the proactive iCorps SPAM filtering service:

  • Protects legitimate emails and sensitive content during transmission to and from the cloud using industry-standard SSL or TLS protocols
  • Guarantees 99.999% availability for message processing and 100% virus protection SLAs
  • Assures no message loss or disruptions to email service

An affordable IT solution that’s ideal for organizations of all sizes, the iCorps SPAM filtering solution works with your existing email system, with no need to add hardware or software. Updates are automatic, without additional costs or downtime. You’ll gain the benefits of less mail, more productive users, and a safer environment.