5 Ways to Combat Ransomware

Ransomware is now the most prominent threat to business cybersecurity today.

Here are five important steps to take toward safeguarding your environment from ransomware:

#1 Patch Your Systems

Patching is one of the most effective ways of preventing ransomware. Routine patches are designed to update, fix, or improve computer programs or their supporting data.

Within complex IT environments, ensuring patch continuity can be a cumbersome task. The two easiest ways to implement patches are through third-party services, which will apply your patches, or through an automated service, such as Microsoft's Enterprise Mobility and Security. Microsoft EMS reports which patches were applied and where. Implement patches as soon as possible, and always test to ensure patches don't negatively affect other parts of your IT environment.

#2 Keep Systems Up to Date

Global ransomware threats, such as WannaCry & Petya, infected hundreds of computers across different industries. This ransomware
was able to spread through older, unpatched operating systems that impacted hundreds of thousands of machines.

It is now more important than ever to keep your systems current. Modern operating systems, such as Windows 11, and layered security tools, such as Advanced Threat Protection, help curtail ransomware.

#3 Employee Education

Because new cyber threats emerge every day, employee training should be an ongoing process. One of the most effective methods is Phishing Attack Simulations. These simulations allow your company to create custom campaigns that raise awareness through engaging user simulations, actionable reporting metrics, and recommendations for improvement.

#4 Managed Security

Managed Security allows you to enlist the help of a third-party provider to ensure your networks and points are protected. This managed service provides deep packet inspection, intrusion detection, and prevention, gateway anti-spyware protection, web content filtering, 24/7 365 monitoring, and remediation.

#5 Data Backup

Should the unthinkable happen to your business, and you are hit with ransomware, the most important factor in recovery is ensuring your data is backed up and reliable.iCorps' Managed Backup and Recovery program is an image-based backup solution. Images are kept not only locally but are also replicated in the cloud. This allows you to recover your environment no matter what the circumstances.

And remember, if your business is hit with ransomware, whatever you do, do not pay the ransom. Not only are you helping to perpetuate cybercrime, there's no guarantee that you'll get your data back.

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