Securing Your Microsoft Platform


Microsoft's integrated security operations & solutions focus on four key areas: identity and access management, threat protection, information protection, and security management. These elements work together to reduce business costs (through a single integrated solution), effectively secure hybrid environments, and provide best-practice security baselines.

Identity and Access Management

  • Protect users' identities and control access to valuable resources based on user risk level

Threat Protection

  • Protect against advanced threats and recover quickly when attacked

Information Protection

  • Ensure documents and emails are only seen by authorized people

Security Management

  • Gain visibility and control over security tools 

[DIAGRAM] Microsoft Security Solutions

Microsoft makes security a priority at every step, from code development to incident response:


  • Defense-in-depth approach across all cloud services from physical to application/data layers

Security Development Lifecycle (SDL)

  • Company-wide, mandatory development process that embeds security into every phase of the development process 

Threat Intelligence

  • Extensive threat intelligence, modeling, analysis, and controls incorporated into systems

Identity and Access

  • Focus on identity controls and tools including mitigation of internal threat throughout stack including operations

Assume Breach Simulation

  • Dedicated security expert "red team" that simulate real-world attacks at network, platform, and application layers, testing the ability of Azure to detect, protect against, and recover from breaches

Incident Response

  • Global, 24x7 incident response service that works to mitigate the effects of attacks and malicious activity 
Microsoft Security Score

Vulnerability Analysis

Identify areas for improvement across devices, applications, and platforms.

Best-Fit Solutions

Improve the security of your IT with custom recommendations.

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