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Business Technology ConsultingYour business relies heavily on technology - not only for internal processes, but for customer-facing practices as well. As such, there can be significant impacts to productivity, and even revenue, if your technology is not supporting your organization effectively. iCorps has been working with a broad range of cutting-edge technologies for over 20 years, and you can leverage this experience to gain top-notch technology consulting services that ensure your technologies are aligned with your business processes and goals.

Aligning and Integrating  

iCorps Technology Consulting goes a step beyond our Staff Augmentation model. More than just a resource supplement, iCorps technical consultants are brought in for their strategic approach to aligning your technology with your business. For larger-scale projects or if you are integrating emerging or new technologies, our IT technical consultants may perform a technology assessment of your current environment. In the end, iCorps helps you define a clear road map to ensuring that the technology that you implement today will support your business tomorrow as well. Our technical consultants can help you with many different competencies and products, including:

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Assuring Success

Whether iCorps is helping you realign your existing technology, or is implementing an emerging technology such as virtualization in your environment, project management is a key component to a smooth process. In order to accomplish your project without the burden of unnecessary delays, redirects, and restarts, iCorps' IT consulting employs consistent communications, documentation, and regular project status checks to ensure that any road blocks to success are resolved quickly, and that the path is clear to delivering your project on time, on budget, and on scope.

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