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Data Storage Services

Data StorageIn the IT environment, servers run applications and store data that’s used by those applications. But with the sheer volume of information that’s transacted by companies on a daily basis, server storage capacity is tapped out quickly. To free up space, and to utilize larger storage capacities, data can be offloaded from servers onto storage devices, including disk arrays. A storage area network (SAN) is a dedicated network that provides shared access to consolidated data storage (multiple disk arrays). The benefits of the SAN’s shared storage are significant, including simplified storage administration, more flexibility especially if a server is down, effective data recovery, as well as disaster recovery processes.

SANs are one of the largest line-item costs of an IT budget, and, as with any large purchase, research and a solid awareness of what you need are critical. iCorps’ professional IT consultants have the knowledge and experience to guide you in your search for a SAN, and can install, configure, and optimize the SAN for you through our business data solutions.

Choosing Bells or Whistles

SANs come with many features, such as snap-shotting and built-in replication. But other features mean additional costs the already high price of the SAN even higher. Storage capacity affects price, too, so right-sizing your storage for today’s use and tomorrow’s growth is a big consideration. iCorps can assess your existing infrastructure to give you a better understanding of which SAN – and what features, capacity, and capabilities – fit your needs:

  • iSCSI or Fibre Channel?
  • SAS, SATA or Solid State drives?
  • 15k or 10k rpms?
  • RAID 5, RAID 10, or RAID 50?

Once you have chosen the properly sized SAN for your environment, iCorps taps into its 17 years of experience, technical expertise, and best practices to install, configure, and optimize your SAN properly.

Going Virtual

iCorps data storage services for SANs scale to meet the needs of companies of all sizes. We are partnered with best-of-breed brands, including EMC, Dell Equal Logic, and Net App. A properly sized SAN is a key component of a virtualized infrastructure, enabling better performance and a high-availability, fault-tolerant environment. iCorps can help you leverage virtualization and optimize your SAN for this environment. With all of its benefits, a SAN is still a big investment. iCorps can help you make sure that the SAN you choose is right-sized and optimized for your business.

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