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Microsoft SQL Server ConsultingMicrosoft Gold Partner

Microsoft SQL Server has become one of the most utilized relational database products on the market, used by more than 80% of businesses today. SQL Server’s primary function is to provide the back-end data storage for applications that we use every day, such as CRM or ERP systems. As a result, the majority of an organization’s corporate data is stored on SQL Server, and it's critical that authorized users are able to access that information quickly.

Optimizing your SQL Server requires the technical expertise of a Microsoft SQL consultant, across many aspects of your infrastructure. As a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, iCorps has that depth of expertise, and can assess and optimize your existing SQL Server configuration, or assist in the planning and sizing of a new installation.

Your Business-Critical Data

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Some applications, such as those in call centers, require the database to be “read” thousands of times per second. Others, such as ERP applications, constantly “write” new data to the database. The difference comes down to the hardware used for your SQL Server. iCorps’ IT consultants will assist you in determining:

  • What type of hardware you’ll need
  • The type of application you'll be using, and
  • How that hardware needs to be configured

Once the correct hardware is in place, SQL Server needs to be installed and configured. Setting up a best practice SQL Server maintenance plan is integral to ensuring that your server performs well over time. Using Microsoft best practices, our experts install, configure, and setup ongoing tasks to ensure optimized function. Reporting services are an additional and important feature to SQL Server. With help from iCorps' SQL Server consultants, you can customize the reports and prioritize the most valuable information from your stored business-critical data.