What Is Secure Remote Desktop?

iCorps’ Secure Remote Desktop allows you to access your applications in the Microsoft Azure Cloud, allowing you to connect through any device. Perfect for a remote workforce or for modernizing and mobilizing legacy applications, this Desktop as a Service (DaaS) solution provides a secure, mobile end-user experience. Secure Remote Desktop allows your business to take advantage of Azure's scalability security, and power, while simultaneously benefiting from iCorps' proven managed service model.

Enhanced Productivity

Access applications from any cloud-accessing device, extend secure access of Microsoft Office to all employees, and deliver a consistent user experience.

Improved Security and Compliance

Provide access to any application from Microsoft's data center, control data with existing security policies, and meet compliance requirements.

Improved Disaster Recovery

Avoid costly business disruptions by allowing access to desktops at any time and backup all data offsite in the event of a disaster.

Secure Remote Desktop

Enhanced Productivity

Learn how to support your remote, in-office, and on-the-go workforce.

Best-Fit Solutions

Improve the security of your mobile IT with custom recommendations.

Secure Remote Desktop Datasheet

We encourage our clients to practice a defense-in-depth strategy when it comes to cybersecurity posture. By layering remote desktop with managed security services, we help companies feel at ease, so they can focus on what really matters: growing their business.

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In-Depth Analysis

iCorps’ Security Assessment is a one-time scan of your network and provides a detailed vulnerability summary report of your IT infrastructure.

Detailed Deliverable

iCorps will provide you with a thorough report that outlines both external and internal vulnerabilities and acts as a roadmap for remediation.

How Secure is Your Network?

Let our experts determine where your vulnerabilities are with an iCorps' Security Assessment. A proper assessment should always be the first step in identifying the vulnerabilities within your network.

Request a Security Assessment