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iCorps Secure Remote Desktop  

Access your applications anytime, from any device, without compromising the security of your business data. iCorps’ Secure Remote Desktop will publish a version of your applications in the Microsoft Azure Cloud, allowing you to connect through any device. 

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What is Secure Remote Desktop?

iCorps’ Secure Remote Desktop allows you to access your applications in the Microsoft Azure Cloud, allowing you to connect through any device. Perfect for a remote workforce or for modernizing and mobilizing legacy applications, this Desktop as a Service (DaaS) solution provides a secure, mobile end-user experience. Secure Remote Desktop allows your business to take advantage of Azure's scalability security, and power, while simultaneously benefiting from iCorps' proven managed service model.

Enhanced Productivity

Enhanced Productivity 

Access applications from any cloud-accessing device, extend secure access of Microsoft Office to all employees, and deliver a consistent user experience.

Improved security and compliance

Improved Security and Compliance 

Provide access to any application from Microsoft's data center, control data with existing security policies, and meet compliance requirements. 

Improved disaster recovery

Improved Disaster Recovery

 Avoid costly business disruptions by allowing access to desktops at anytime and backup all data offsite in the event of a disaster. 

Greater IT flexibility and cost effective

Greater Flexibility and Cost Effective 

Outsource desktop support to focus on strategic IT initiatives and easily scale secure remote desktop to scale with your business. 

Added Benefits of Secure Remote Desktop

Managed Backups

Managed Backups 

Skip the uncertainty and know your applications are backed by the most complete solutions on the market today

Monitored Health

Monitored Health

With iCorps’ commitment to proactive IT, all network applications are constantly monitored.

Utilization Metrics

Utilization Metrics

Through hosting your applications in the cloud, iCorps can provide your business with
utilization-based metrics.