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Microsoft Power BI Consulting ServicesMicrosoft Gold Partner

Microsoft Power BI (Business Intelligence), is a suite of tools that provides data-driven insights both internally and client-side. Power BI incorporates data preparation, discovery, interactive dashboards, and augmented analytics into a single, intuitive channel. This range is integral to Power BI's key tenet—making your data work for you. By supporting a productive, diverse data culture, Power BI empowers employees to better understand and utilize the information at their disposal. 

Power BI pulls data from a range of sources, selected by the user. These include:Microsoft Power BI Logo

  • Web pages
  • SharePoint Lists
  • Microsoft Excel and CSV files
  • Google Analytics and Azure Analysis Services
  • SaaS-based solutions including Salesforce, MailChimp, and Facebook

Enhanced Decision Making

Once integrated, data can be turned into intuitive, visually striking presentations and interactive reports. Power BI offers over 85 modern data visuals, available as drag-and-drop canvases. Some of the most popular include:

  • Word clouds
  • Flow and globe maps
  • Timelines and forecasts
  • Image grids and infographics

All visualizations are pinned to a central dashboard. After finalization, these reports can be published for your organization on the web. Power BI also allows users to create mobile-optimized reports for viewers on the go, ensuring continuity across devices. This platform allows
your employees to optimize their insights, improving collaboration, efficiency, and long-term growth.

If you’re not sure where to start with Power BI, or if you'd like to broaden your company’s existing use of the platform, our team of certified IT consultants can help.