Scalable Cloud Solutions

Azure is Microsoft's flexible platform that provides the building blocks to quickly deploy and manage cloud-based solutions. Azure offers a wide range of usage-based migration services across applications, compute, storage, and network. With Azure migration services, you can build applications using any language, tool, or framework on a fully automated self-service platform that enables the provisioning of scalable IT resources within minutes. Additionally, you can integrate your public cloud applications with your existing IT environment. 

Increase Agility

Modern infrastructure scales applications and workloads on demand.

Improve IT Efficiency

Leverage fully-managed application and database services.

Optimize Spend

Save operational and energy costs by moving on-premises datacenters to the cloud.

Innovate Processes

Build revenue and new business models with built-in analytics and BI tools.

Cloud Readiness Assessments

In-Depth Analysis

iCorps’ Cloud Readiness Assessment offers a clear understanding of your business's IT infrastructure and which parts of your IT infrastructure are ready for the cloud. 

Detailed Deliverable

iCorps will provide you with a detailed cloud migration roadmap outlining cloud recommendations and best-practices, that are on scope, on budget, and on time.

Ready for a Move to the Cloud?

Cloud Computing offers a variety of business benefits, but it also comes with a lot of questions. Where do you start? And will the cloud really work for YOUR specific business?
iCorps' Cloud Readiness Assessment is the first step to determining whether your business is viable for a cloud platform.

Request a Cloud Readiness Assessment

Securing Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure has a strong focus on security, following the standard security model of Detect, Assess, Diagnose, Stabilize and Close. Paired with strong cybersecurity controls, this model has allowed Azure to achieve multiple compliance certifications, all of which establish Azure as a leader in IaaS security. Not only is the platform protected, but the end-user is also covered with Azure. This multi-level of protection is essential as security threats continue to multiply daily across the globe, targeting end-users and putting your business’ data at risk. Azure provides simple, user-friendly services for increased protection, such as multi-factor authentication and application password requirements.

Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 encompasses Office 365 applications, cloud services, device management, and advanced security to provide end-users with a safer, more intelligent workplace experience.


Cloud Data Backup

The day-to-day operations and productivity of your business depend on the health and accessibility of your data. iCorps SaaS protect offers peace of mind and functions as your complete solution for the backup and restoration of SaaS data.


Cloud Migration Assessments

At this point, you've heard of the cloud, but how do you start a cloud migration process? iCorps' Cloud Readiness Assessment is the first step to determining whether your business is a good fit for a cloud platform.