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IT Network Security Services

Managed-Security-BlockNetwork security has never been more important. Today’s threats are more aggressive and sophisticated, and change rapidly, with new versions of malware, Trojans, bots, viruses, phishing schemes, and compromised Web sites appearing almost daily. The introduction of new access channels, such as remote and mobile devices, have made the task of securing our networks more challenging – the days of using static firewalls are gone. iCorps has over 20 years of experience implementing a better method, which we refer to as “defense in depth.”

Layered Defense

Our defense in depth approach applies multiple layers of protection across your network systems, including your firewall and endpoints. iCorps can help you assess your threat level and recommend an actionable security road map. Depending on what is appropriate for your organization’s unique requirements, our recommendations for IT network security services may include:

Helping You Mitigate Risk

The components of our defense in depth approach are available from iCorps as managed services, which provide a more consistent and proactive approach that is critical to mitigating your vulnerability. With more robust protection and automatic firmware upgrades, as well as day to day management and reporting, iCorps’ managed security services give you peace of mind that your information – and your business – are secured.

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