Why Are VPNs Important?

VPNs securely connect employees to their organization's IT network and cloud computing assets. With the migration to remote work, VPNs can help organizations meet heightened security needs.

Securing Your VPN from 3 Common Cyber Threats

Security & Patches

  • Deploy software patches and security configurations to VPNs and remote devices

  • Reboot workstations every 1-2 days to ensure updates are synced

Increased Phishing Attacks

  • Cyber actors have ramped up complex social engineering and phishing attacks since the mass shift to remote work

  • Enforce device health checks such as Updated Endpoint Protection, OS Updates, etc.

  • Alert employees to an expected increase in phishing attacks

  • Implement MFA on all VPN connections to increase device security

  • Only grant access to required files and systems

IT Personnel

  • Limited VPN connections can impact IT security personnel's ability to perform routine cybersecurity tasks

  • Ensure IT personnel are prepared to handle remote access cybersecurity tasks

  • Select the strongest device encryption available

  • Test VPN limitations to prepare for mass usage bandwidth requirements

  • Disable local VPN network usage to prevent Split-Tunneling

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