iCorps Technologies: An Inside Look

[Mike Hadley]
My name is Mike Hadley, President, and CEO of iCorps Technologies. So, iCorps Technologies started out as Off Hours Consulting. We did nights, weekends, and holidays, and at one point we became such in-demand that we had to make the decision to move forward full time, and really build iCorps Technologies as it is today.

[Renee Zackular] So today, businesses really rely on how effectively their technology supports their daily operations. So at iCorps, whether our clients need us to be their full-service IT team or support their internal IT team, our programs and services are designed to expand their capabilities and ultimately scale with them as their companies grow.

[Mike Hadley] One of the things that separates iCorps from our competition is our hiring process. We hire people with strong interpersonal skills, that are highly technical, and that have an entrepreneurial spirit.

[Jeff Lauria] As the Vice President of iCorps Technologies, I oversee the standardization of technology that we deploy, our security practice, as well as our cloud services. One of the significant differences between iCorps and other managed service providers is our consulting team. On average, our consultants, our engineers, have been with iCorps for six-plus years.

[Renee Zackular] We are really one of the pioneer IT outsourcing companies in the area. We partner with top industry vendors, to ensure that our IT consultants are certified, and trained by the best. And we hire and retain some of the top IT consultants in the industry.

[Jeff Lauria] As technology is evolving rapidly, be they cloud services, regulatory compliance, our consulting team is on top of every change that happens, and because they're on top of every change that happens, I'm on top of every change that happens.

[Michael Lewis] As a strategic technology adviser, I serve as a connection between client service, delivery excellence, and the professional development of our consulting staff. Problem-solving is really at the heart of the services we provide. So, I would say the most satisfying part of my job is helping our clients find technology solutions to their business challenges.

[Jeff Lauria] We take a multifaceted approach to technology. First, what are the business drivers? Second, security, and third, usability.

[Michael Lewis] What makes iCorps unique is that with more than 20 years of experience, the iCorps team is dedicated to delivering excellence by staying ahead of market trends and understanding new technologies that could impact your business.

[Mike Hadley] One of the other things I think is important is that there are a lot of companies right now that try to do everything remotely. Our programs are built and designed around people being on-site. We do technology, but in the end, it's people dealing with people. We have a thing called "referenceable", and what that means is every engagement that we have, whether it's a project or when delivering on a program, we're on time, in scope, on budget, have great communication, and it's a great overall experience. By ensuring that we're meeting on that criteria, all of our clients will be referenceable.

[Michael Lewis] We provide vision, strategy, and expert implementation that leverages technology to help our clients fulfill their business objectives, whether they're for the short or for the long term.

[Mike Hadley] What makes me the most proud? There are two things. One is watching our people grow and develop, and achieve their life goals, and knowing that iCorps played a role in that. And the second thing is our clients. Knowing that iCorps' making a difference, and helping them achieve their business goals through the use of technology.

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