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Cloud Computing Consultants & Cloud Migration Services

Cloud-ComputingIt seems that everyone and everything is moving to the cloud, but how do you know if cloud computing is the right solution for your business? iCorps is uniquely qualified – with our deep technical expertise and over 20 years of experience with IT Solutions to assess your cloud-readiness and determine which of the many available cloud solutions can support your business effectively.

Ready for the Cloud?

The benefits of cloud computing services varies from company to company – and success in the cloud depends on many factors. iCorps can ensure that a move to the cloud is the right move for you – and is successful once you get there. Our technical consultants evaluate your current environment and assess technical and business factors, including:

  • Business model
  • End-user requirements
  • Business continuity
  • Physical location of your workforce
  • Maintenance
  • Compliance and risk management

What Does Your Cloud Look Like?

Once we determine whether cloud services can support your business model and other requirements, iCorps helps you navigate the “cloud” landscape to determine what type of cloud – public, private, or hybrid – is the best choice based on your needs. Our cloud consultants can help you develop a strategy for implementing your own applications in the cloud – or for employing any of the iCorps series of cloud-based solutions, including:

Cloud computing is a new way to do business, and iCorps offers managed cloud services to help you determine if – and when – a move to the cloud is right for you.

cloud-partnerAward-Winning Trusted Cloud Partner

iCorps was named 2018 Microsoft MSUS Partner Award Winner for Modern Workplace - Security and Compliance. As one of the top cloud computing companies, we can assure you we do cloud right. If you have questions about the cloud, call us at (888) 642-6484 or submit a contact request.

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