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Cloud Computing Consultants & Cloud Migration Services

Is cloud computing the right solution for your business? The benefits of cloud computing varies by company, and success depends on many factors. iCorps can ensure that a move to the cloud is the right one. Our technical consultants evaluate your current environment and assess technical and business factors, including:

  • Maintenance
  • End-user requirement
  • Business model and continuity
  • Compliance and risk management

Once we determine whether cloud services can support your business model, our team helps you navigate the landscape to determine which cloud – public, private, or hybrid – is the best fit. Our cloud consultants can help develop a strategy for implementing applications in the cloud – or for employing any of the iCorps series of cloud-based solutions, including:

iCorps is uniquely qualified – with our technical expertise and 20+ years of experience  to assess your cloud-readiness and determine which cloud solutions would best support your business.