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IT Tips to Help Your Business Weather the Storms

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Disaster Recovery (DR)

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Check out these IT tips to help your business weather the storms this hurricane season.

IT Tips to Help Your Business Weather the Storms: 

Over the past 5 years, hurricanes have caused over $335.8 billion in damages, and have been responsible for over 3,320 fatalities. Hurricanes are one of the most destructive forces to businesses causing power failure, flooding, revenue loss, and closure of many organizations.

Here are a few IT Tips to Help Your Business Weather the Storms:

  1. Ensure servers, computers, and other equipment are off the ground and away from windows.
  2. Test offsite backups prior to the storm and test remote access to cloud resources.
  3. Turn off all air conditioners, shut down all equipment and unplug where possible. 

For more tips visit: Maintain Business Continuity During Disasters

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