Storm Protection Tips - IT Infographic

Storm Protection Tips

Before the Storm:

Test offsite backups and remote cloud access

Verify insurance coverage and contact information with your provider

Confirm technical support for end-users who need to be operational during the storm

Run internal tests of UPSs/generators and shut down non-mission-critical servers and equipment

Test secondary communication channels such as chat or SMS

Test all backups, including cloud backups, to ensure your solution is working, and your data is recoverable

Review your BC/DR plan with your IT provider

During the Storm:

Periodically test remote connectivity and access to company network

Immediately contact your IT provider in the event of an unexpected outage

Check-in with employees and clients to ensure everything is running smoothly

Check your local weather channel or website for storm updates

If you need immediate assistance, please call (888) 642-6484 or visit

After the Storm:

Do not turn on computer equipment if there are any indications of storm-related damage

This includes low power fluctuations, low air conditioning output, water on or under raised floors, broken windows or damaged equipment

Make sure all clients and employees are safe after the storm has passed

Contact your IT services provider if needed

Download PDF - iCorps' Storm Protection Tips


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