Top 10 Steps to Securely Re-Open the Workplace After COVID-19:

  1. Schedule a Technology Review with Your MSP

    • Discuss all technology and IT-related concerns

  2. Evaluate New Technology Deployed Over the Past Year

  3. Evaluate All New Service Providers

    • Determine their effectiveness and ROI for your business

  4. Audit the Tech for Any Employee Who Will Continue to Work from Home

    • Ensure tech resources are appropriate, secure, and supporting optimal productivity

  5. Audit Any Workstations in Your Business

    • Determine if workstations are patched with the latest OS and critical updates

  6. Create a List of Employees Who Used Personal Devices to Work from Home

  7. Catalog Items That Were Removed from Your Office

    • Ensure devices, technologies, and documents are returned to the workplace

  8. Conduct a Gap Analysis

    • Document any technology gaps within your business and create a plan to address them

  9. Review Your Disaster Recovery/Business Continuity Plan

    • Determine how changes over the past year could be incorporated into future planning

  10. Schedule Regular DR/BC Testing

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