Video Transcript

Hi everyone, Jeff Lauria here. Today I'm going to talk about web browsers. Over the past five or so years, we've seen hundreds of web browsers that all fundamentally do the same thing. Microsoft Edge is a different type of web browser that came out last year and is supported in the workplace and by consumers. Businesses can control security through this browser. Any organization that doesn't have a standardized web browser, whether it be Safari, Chrome, or Edge, is creating security gaps in their business.

One of the main reasons I like Microsoft Edge is because it's controllable for the business, and you can control it in a sandbox. I also like it because it's based in Chrome and you can use all of the Chrome features. Edge has natively built-in features using Microsoft technology which notifies me and my business when there's been a breach. If you haven't taken a look at Microsoft Edge, definitely give it a look over. Thank you for your time. 

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