How Can a Microsoft 365 Security Assessment Impact Your Business?

[Jeff Lauria]
Hi, Jeff Lauria, Vice President of Technology here at iCorps Technologies. Today, I'd like to talk about Microsoft 365 and security. We know Microsoft 365 as being a premier collaboration suite of services. Email, OneDrive, SharePoint, Teams. Microsoft has provided a suite of services that helps organizations be collaborative and productive, and secure.

One of the things that we're seeing over the last three, six, and nine months is the rapid adoption of these services. And because of that, IT
has been unable to keep up with securing the platform.

Well, here at iCorps, we are a Microsoft Gold Partner. We are Partner of the Year in Security Compliance in the Modern Workspace, i.e., Microsoft 365. We've developed a security assessment that is designed around the 365 stack of services.

Our team comes in, looks at how you are using 365 today. Email, Teams. If you have a security framework, we'll look at that in relationship to the framework. If you don't, our default is the NIST cybersecurity framework.

We'll review all the suite of services in which you're using. We'll look at the security, the current configuration and make recommendations
to ensure that your data is safe. On Exchange, things are simple. Things like putting in rules to prevent certain things to happen, data leak protection to prevent emails from going out that have confidential information, or to have information stored, or prevent information from being shared outside your organization.

So this assessment is the foundation of your security on the platform. For a lot of organizations that are in a regulatory environment, this should be part of your annual security audit and should be part of your toolset.

You know, we have vendors come in, we do vulnerability and penetration tests on our firewalls. We have people scanned internally on our networks. A lot of times, we don't look at the Microsoft 365 platform, Google Apps, Salesforce. We don't look at these cloud services. These cloud services are just as important as your on-premise.

So for those folks in a regulatory environment, this helps you satisfy your annual need, and for those folks who just want to ensure that data is safe, be it under the New York SHIELD Law, Massachusetts Data Privacy Law, Pennsylvania. Look at our assessment as the foundation.

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